Women’s spring must haves

Clothing | March 7, 2011


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With every season women are happy to change her wardrobe. Well, it is great when you have enough budget. But the best way for budget fashionista is to acquire some basics for each season and every year just add some statement details which will make her look trendy. Winter must haves we have already discussed, now it is time for spring must haves.
Spring is a perfect season for the blossom of femininity. Winter is too cold and you wrap yourself in a millions of sweaters, summer is too hot, and you can’t put on more than 1 item ( I mean t-shirt or a dress) on you. But in spring you are able to give the freedom to your fantasy, but if you are working in office, you need some basics. Actually, everyone needs them to be safe in different situations.

1. White classic style blouse
It is an irreplaceable item in a wardrobe of every woman. You can be a fan of ruffles or edgy details, but this clothing item will always help you to look fresh, stylish and elegant. It works as for business meetings and for parties, everything depends on accessories. In formal environment you can wear it with blazer or jacket, with little earrings and without a necklace, but in you free time you can combine it with a unique and edgy necklace (which are trendy this season!) and some eclectic vest.

women's white shirt

2. Black wool jacket or pea coat
This item will bring you a confidence in cold spring evenings, at business meeting, and it can suit a cocktail dress if you choose it properly. The best wool jacket is one that suits your shape, perfectly emphasizing your waist and breast. Choose it carefully while buying online, be sure to make all the necessary measurements to buy the one that is fitting your body-type and measurements the best.

classic style black jacket

3. Cocktail dress
Actually this dress can be of different color, but as we are talking of classics, chose to-the- knee black or navy blue dress. Please, do not think that it is boring! It is a classic style which you will be able to combine with a statement red/blue (any color!) handbag, and different jewels that will make it look like a new dress every time you wear it! The shape depends on your body type. If you have a slim and thin shape, you can choose a tight dress, but if you have big hips, make them look hot in your flared bottom dress.

classic cocktail dress

4. Trench coat
Trench coat I mentioned also in Winter Must Haves, but it is also an irreplaceable item for spring. Of course, spring implies some lighter and brighter colors and fabrics. The most classic style, from my point of view, is a nylon nude color trench coat by Burberry (or its replica). This trench coat is always trendy, because it is already classic.
classic beige color trench coat

5. Tote bag

Tote bag is useful always. In spring you can chose some colorful fabric or classic leather tote as to have this basic tote for years.
You can’t go wrong with basic spring colors such as camel and other shades of brown, and light gray.
camel tote bagprada dark brown tote bag

prada light gray leather tote bag

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