Top 10 Spring-Summer 2011 handbags

We offer you the list of 10 best bags of new Spring-Summer 2011 season.
1. The rating of the most desirable bags of the new season is opened with retro-style clutch by Bottega Veneta. The uniqueness of the bag is emphasized by the exotic material from which the clutch is made – alligator leather.

Retro style alligator leather clutch by Bottega Veneta. Elegant classic purse for Summer season

Bottega Veneta alligator leather brown clutch purse

2. An updated version of Lady Dior is made from environmentally friendly material – jute with traditional ornament.

Lady Dior purse from Spring-Summer 2011 collection, made from eco friendly material.

3. Gucci grip handbag illustrates one of the most popular trends of the season – braided details. Lately braided details has become very popular among designers using this trend in their latest collections.

Gucci handbag from Spring-Summer 2011 collection . The new It bag from Gucci: brown grip handbag with braided leather details. Prerfect for elegant Summer look.
4. Another braided item: colorful Fendi clutch decorated with a mosaic pattern of thin leather strips.

Colorful braided leather Fendi Summer clutch purse. Perfect for vacation and romantic dates.
5. Celine clutch claims to be the most elegant handbag of the season. Its design is simple yet chic.

Elegant classic red clutch purse by Сeline is an irreplaceable accessory in every modern girl wardrobe: simple yet chic and absolutely classic.
6. Classic purse by Roger Vivier Miss Viv was inspired by Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s style. In this season it is made in milk-coffee shades. It worth noting that originally the bag was called Carla (after Carla Bruni-Sarkozy) but last years it has been renamed Miss Viv.

Roger Vivier Carla purse was named after Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.  But last year it has been renamed Miss Viv. This Summer it will be made in milk-coffee shades.
7. The purse from new Chanel Mademoiselle collection is made from jersey and looks like vintage accessory from Chanel archives dated 1930.
Chanel Mademoiselle collection is made for confident and stylish young ladies who know what they really want. This blue vintage looking purse bag will attract the attention at every party. 8. Mini-purses are the hit of Spring-Summer 2011 season. Mini-purse Louis Vuitton is made in bright turquoise color. Pay attention to the lock: metal furniture is an imitation of watches bracelets.

Turquoise mini-bag by Louis Vuitton is a perfect addition to the romantic Summer look. Its unique metallic accessory made in a form of watches bracelet makes this purse chic and perfect for any party.

9. Silvana purse from Fendi is a new IT bag. The bag is made from certain leather types which contrasting combination adds a special chic to the laconic bag shape.
Silvana handbag by Fendi is made of contrast color leather, making it look eclectic. The handbag has green, nude and blue colors, so you can combine it with any outfit. 10. In the youth Miu Miu line mini-bags with the original strap are presented.

Miu Miu unique strap design clutch purses will make any outfit extremely chic.

Miu Miu Spring-Summer 2011 youth collection. Original design of bag handles won't leave anybody indifferent.

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