Tips to buy qualitative replica shoes

Shoes | February 9, 2011


beige heels with a bow

Choosing qualitative shoes is quite a difficult task. The most appropriate way is to check and measure shoes in a convenient shoes store, but what if you decided to buy shoes online?
Majority of women love to buy elegant and trendy fashion accessories of all kinds. Now it is very easy to buy designer shoes online. Well, you can be sure in a quality of designer shoes if yo buy them from official online store, but what if you can’t afford it? You can buy a replica instead. But once again, online shopping involves some knowledge about the original products as to compare it with different replica. Also you need to know some basics as to find a high quality pair of shoes.
Here are some tips to find out if the shoes are qualitative. If you want to buy shoes online, pay special attention to the visible qualitative indicators.

  1. The shoes should have a good shape stability. It means that the front part of a shoe should repeat the form of pads. It should be without any not folds, creases, wrinkles and “blisters”.As to check the quality of a shoe you should try to bend it as much as you can (you can do it when you’ve already received your parcel, and if you’ll find some defects- try to return it). I mean, while bending, try to bring closer (as much as possible) the front and the back parts of a shoe to each other. If the shoes are flexible, it means that they most likely will be comfy. Pay attention to the wrinkle that was formed after your exercise: little wrinkles show that it is a good leather, but if there is a one big fold that doesn’t smooth, or on the bended area there are some flakes of so called leather, it means that you take in your hands a bad quality synthetic shoe. You should be aware that synthetic shoe are dangerous to your health, in such shoes your skin doesn’t breath, and it may lead to the occurrence of fungi.
  2. Rub the surface of the leather with your finger. Make it on different areas. Good leather won’t left any stains on your finger, a bad one will dye your finger.
  3. Do not think that the most soft and subtle leather is the best. Yes it looks chic, but such shoes are unpractical. They lose the shape way too quickly.
  4. Attentively examine the inner part of the shoes: try with your fingers the heel from inside, check for different ledges and prickly details. Qualitative shoes usually do not have such “accessories” as nails pricking your heel, but low quality replica may have.
  5. Put the shoes on a flat surface. Look at the heels: do they stand right or are angled? If heels are poorly made it will cause incredible inconveniences, so be very attentive!

A good point of online shops (some of them which have a good reputation) is that they promise to return your money if you find that your replica shoes have much lower quality than designer ones.

Have a good shopping day!

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