Shoes | February 11, 2011


The Timberland Company is an American manufacturer and retailer of casual wear. In the middle of 1970s Timberland expanded its range with casual shoes and boots. In 1980s Timberland enlarged its market coverage by introducing its products to the Italian market. At the same time, the company launched its clothing line and women’s footwear.

Now Timberland products are sold in the Northern America, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.
Since 1989 the company takes part in CSR (Corporate social responsibility) program. In the same year company became a founding sponsor of City Year program, which implies bringing together young people from diverse backgrounds for a full-time community service during a year. The Timberland company is highly involved in the social activities, City Year program is not the only one its contributions to the social life. For example, Timberland is also involved in the area of environmental stewardship, the company measures its impact on climate change, resources, and renewable energy. Timberland has become an innovator in the area of community involvement. Its innovative “Path of Service” program, which began in the 1990s, provides Timberland employees with 40 hours of paid time off to serve in their communities. The reports say that its employees have invested more than 278,000 hours in community service. A significant number of Timberland employees satisfied by their positions in the company (77%) shows that heads of the company do not forget about the people they employed. While other companies only try to find ways to contribute to the social issues, Timberland makes it on a daily basis. The company also supported a special team formed from its employees to attract the attention to the crisis in Darfur, Sudan. This team designed a special “Stomp Out Genocide” boot and developed a t-shirt.
Recently the company started to use the latest innovation: to the every product they attach a “nutrition label”. This label includes information about from what exactly the shoes are manufactured. The label also lists the environmental impact, the community impact (including a child labor percentage, which is always zero percent), and the country of origin.

White Timberland women's boots

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