The most stylish iPad clutch purses

D&G chic black smarthphone case

Fashion designers are always up to date, they always know what their customers need. With the creation of iPad and other similar devices the collections of fashion designers were supplemented by special cases and clutches for the gadgets. Here for your attention are presented the most unique accessories for iPad and smartphones.
Modern lady hardly can be imagined without iPad and smartphone. Now cases for cell phones and players are not only a protection cover but yet a stylish accessory chosen in color of purse or outfit.

Nowadays fashion brands produce separate collections of accessories for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry. One of the latest collections is Marni clutches. The collection includes cases of different sizes for smarthpnones and Tablet PCs. The clutches are made from patent leather with contrast polka dot print. The price of one clutch doesn’t exceed $ 450.

Marni polka dot cases for iPad and smarthphones

Last season fashion house Oscar de la Renta launched a collection of iPad clutch purses. In new brand collection there are chic clutch purses with python texture of different bright colors.

Oscar de la Renta python leather cases for iPad

This season Gucci collection includes iPad clutch purses made in a classic style of the fashion house. Clutches are decorated by Gucci embossed monogram.

Gucci black iPad cases

Gucci nude color iPad case

And finally, chic iPhone cases by Dolce&Gabbana. These clutches are decorated with chains, crystals and many other girly accessories.

D&G black sequin smarthpone case

So the choice is yours.

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