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What color suits you the best? (Tips to find out)

Clothing | March 24, 2011


what color suits you the best-tips to find out

If you are in a search of your own style, probably you are curious to know what color gamma suits you the best. Here are some tips how to choose the most appropriate colors.

1. Figure your to which color suits the best your skin tone: cold or warm
It can be easily done by a simple test: take two items – silver and gold one. Not necessary to take metallic items, you can take some plastic items of these colors, or ,for example, sheet of silver and gold paper. Near these items to your face when you are in front of a mirror. You will definitely see right away what color fits you the best.

2. Choose the color as a basis using this quick guide according to your skin tone :

  • Light skin – gray shades
  • Beige skin (more yellow) – blue shades
  • Golden skin – green shades
  • Bronze skin – orange or pink shades
  • Brown skin – red or pink shades

3. If you want to wear color that does not suits your skin type – combine it with the one that suits you the best

It is the best way to wear what you want and at the same time look good.

4. You can choose colors that do not suit your skin tone for the bottom clothing items

Choose “right” colors for the tops of your clothing, and then you can wear a “wrong” color bottom without any problems.


I hope these simple tips were useful for you and everyday you will look perfect.