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Tips to choose your style

Clothing | March 18, 2011


how to choose your own style

If you are now facing a dilemma which style is actually yours, you have to answer yourself few questions. Follow the tips listed below to make a style choosing process a fascinating and successful.

  1. Whom would you like to see in the mirror? (e.g. seductive women, romantic girl, etc.)
  2. Once you figured out the answer on the first question, think if it will be appropriate for your current social status. For example, if you are teacher you rather need to be a seductive woman. However, you can choose this style for your free time, but then you need to acquire some basics, that we discussed in previous articles, as to look stylish and feminine in your business time.
  3. Choose your style icon. It can be either celebrity or the person you know personally. Outline some important details, such as colors, basic shapes, style of shoes (flats or heels).
  4. Define your body shape type as to understand which styles work best for your shape. Don’t worry if the style your badly want to pick assumes other body type, you always can find a compromise!
  5. If you already did what I advised you previously, make a list of these key points and go for shopping!
  6. It is not necessary that you will find something really worthy while making your first shopping for the new style. And you do not need necessarily to buy everything that fits your list. Try different models by different designers, keeping in your mind the main key points, do not buy the items you liked at once. The best way to pick something really worthy is to try many different models. Also, there can be a situation when you’ve already decided what you should buy, and you think it will suit your new style the best, but once you’ve tried it, you are not pleased with the result. Then you should think once again, maybe you evaluated your body type wrong, our maybe you simply forgot which options for your body type look similar to what you like but more winning. You should go shopping, or better to say “trying clothes”, several times, until you’ll find something really suitable. As this process may seem to you quite boring, try to find some site where you can try clothes on your prototype. However, this option seems not so reliable nowadays. Then you can go for shopping with relaxing music in your headphones, it will distract you from surrounding people, and help to concentrate on the selection of the best items to pick.

I hope that my tips were useful for you, and wish you to choose the best style fitting your shape and inner sense!