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Tips to choose the best fitting coat

Clothing | March 9, 2011


Kate Moss in light pink Burberry trench coat

Choosing a well fitting, stylish and trendy coat that will be also appropriate for more than one season, is quite a difficult tack. Here you will find some tips how to make the process of coat search more pleasant and successful. I mean not only successful from that point of view, that you found something you really like, but when you find something that you like and it fits your body shape the best, making your advantages look even more great, and hide your little lacks.

First of all, check to what category of body shapes your shape belongs:

Small height and slim body shape
The best coat length for you is to-the-knee length. To create the illusion that you are taller you can try empire waists. Be careful with details, too massive details will make you look lower and will spoil the whole style. You should stay away from: long coats, double-breasted coats, any kinds of voluminous details and wide lapels.

black fur belted coatempire waist camel coat

Curvy body shape
Curvy shape is the most feminine body shape. To accentuate your advantages you should look for belted coats. To-the-knee length is the best length for any height. Narrow lapels, tapered to the waist will also work good for you. You should avoid: high necklines, and patch pockets.

white fur trimmed coats

Boyish body shape
This type of shape requires more feminine silhouettes. Princess-shaped silhouette coat can make your much more feminine. For this body shape bold details like large buttons or patch pockets work the best. However, you should avoid too big and exaggerated shoulders.

brown to-the-knee fur coat

Broad Shoulders
If you have big shoulders, pick coats that have unstructured jacket shape. As for the neckline, choose V-neck style. Try the mid-hip length or longer, and choose accessorized hemline. Patch pockets will also work well. Also, raglan sleeves and deep armholes may look good.
You should avoid stiff fabrics, breast pockets, trimming, epaulets, shoulder pads, and double-breasted style.

Narrow Shoulders
The best pick will be a pea coat for which double-breasted style is typical. Also other military style coats with reasonable padding are an option. Also you can try belted coats, as then the attention from your shoulders will be shifted to our waist.

eclectic blue womens pea coat

Small Bust
You should definitely try flattering details on the top. Classic trench-coat also is a good option. Search coat with statement details, such as ruffles, wide lapels, draping at shoulders. You should avoid: square or boxy silhouettes.

zebra print to-the-knee trench coat

Big Bust
As to make full bust look great you need single-breasted styles with deep V-necks, and narrow lapels. High armholes and natural shoulder shaped coats will make you look slimmer. You should avoid: wide sleeves (they will add volume to the area you want to hide), high necklines, and double-breasted coats.

single-breasted khaki trench coat

Protruding belly
If you have a sticking belly, you should choose a single-breasted style. There are also some other options such as straight-cut, tailored styles or a subtle A-line shape.
You should stay away from coats rich in details on the belly area. As for the the best length, midi-hip or longer both work good for your shape.

camel leather coat

And here are some general rules for the perfect coat pick:

1. The general rule of the coat length
The best length of a coat is the length slightly above or below the knee. The important rule is that the hemline of the skirt should not be seen. If you choose a short midi-hip coat, than your skirt will be seen, and it’s normal, but avoid such length when your usual length skirt will be seen fragmentary, only hemline, or even worst, some parts of hemline.

2. The collar
The collar should be either very big or very small. Something in the middle, usually looks not that great.

3. The pockets
It is very important that pockets to be situated on a right place, not too low or too high. High pockets will deform even the perfect shape of the coat. Too low placed pockets will make you look shorter. The optimal place for coat pockets is 10 cm below the waist line.

4. The length of sleeves
This is another very important indicator to see if the coat suits your shape and height.
The length of a sleeve should be to the middle of the palm when your hand is relaxed.

Worth noting, that these two last rules do not work for A-shape coat or the coat with ¾ sleeves.