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Where and how to buy a perfect fitting jeans?

Clothing | February 8, 2011


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According to statistics, the average American owns seven pair of jeans and wears them three or four times a week. Most of people wear the same pair of jeans to a supermarket and on a first date. Taking in consideration that usually jeans are a “first date uniform” they should be chosen extremely carefully.

Here are some tips which will help you to choose the perfect pair of jeans

Consider when you’ll be wearing them most often

No doubts that the feeling of comfort is one of the most important features that should be provided by a good pair of jeans. Even if you are in very stylish and trendy jeans you will look bad and even hilarious in them if they are not comfy. Keep in mind where and when you usually wear jeans and what usually causes the feeling of discomfort, maybe there are some poses in which you feel uncomfy. Try to make these poses, if you feel that something is wrong- refuse to buy these jeans even if they look classy!

Pick jeans for you shoes

Not simply shoes you have, but the shoes you wear every day. It’s great that you have a pair of Manolo Blahnik, but if most of time you wear sneakers, pick the pair of jeans that fits namely casual shoes you wear.
Look for timeless styles
Fashion is changing almost every day, so it is hard to forecast what will be “in” next season. That’s why the best way is to choose timeless styles, which are the following:
Original blue jeans: Evolving from work clothing, today they are one of the most versatile clothing piece you can own.

Slightly faded blue jeans: More casual wear hardly can be imagined. You can wear them at the party, walking with your dog, or combining with sports coat and shirt to make it look classy.

Dark denim: You can’t go wrong with a pair of dark blue jeans of classic style. You can wear them at work with a blouse and blazer, or with a leather jacket and tee in the weekends.
Some sequined jeans or funky washes can’t be timeless.

Safe-choice fit
Instead of using a common denim language, most retailers release models with their own jargon. They use different names to describe essentially the same fit: slim, slim/straight, straight, relaxed, relaxed/straight, classic, standard.
A good choice is a straight leg or boot cut. However, it depends on a body type. First of all, make sure the legs, crotch and waist areas are not too tight. If you’re not sure, even though they look great from all the sides, try other styles.

Jeans care
Wash the jeans inside out. It is the only way to maintain their original color.
Don’t put jeans in the dryer. Always lay your jeans on a towel to dry or hang them with clothespins. It will help you to avoid excessive shrinking.

Where better to buy?
Of course it is better to buy from the well-known stores. But if you keep some of these tips in your mind, you can safely buy jeans from the less known manufacturers, or even online.
Online jeans purchase is a great possibility to choose from a widest possible range, as well as purchase jeans spending much less time. However, I advise to do it only after you are absolutely sure in your size and international analogues of your size. Check all the measurements before ordering as to get a comfy and good fitting jeans pair.