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Accessories, Clothing, Shoes | April 8, 2011

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Tips hot to wear high heels comfortably and stylish

Now winter has passed and women start to wear heels heavily. Why do women love heels that much? They are uncomfy, unpractical, painful, however million of women worldwide wear heels. So what is the reason? The answer is simple: heels make a woman feel more feminine, fragile, and thus, they start to behave differently what makes man take care of them, or at least wish to take care of them.
Heels make woman’s legs look longer, her posture gets better, her hips are gently swaying when she is walking. These are the most attractive features of the heels from male point of view. However majority of men do not like platforms which are so trendy last seasons.
First of all If you want to look stylish and sexy, wearing heels you should follow some tips.

1. Heels should be comfy
First of all, heels should be really comfy. If you won’t feel yourself comfy while wearing heels, all of your pain will be reflected on your face, and no matter how trendy you are dressed, you will not get any other attention than pity. Never buy smaller or bigger shoes, they will never fit you well, you will always experience pain wearing them. Worth mentioning that tight shoes may also cause the appearance of fungus.

2. Try them, get used with them at home
In order to get comfy wearing heels, you should try wearing them at home. Do some easy work at home wearing your new heels. Wear them when you are talking by phone or applying makeup. Start from 15 minutes not to torture your legs too much.

3. Start to wear medium heels don’t go for stilettos at once
Stilettos are the most sexy heels, however if you are not used with heels, you better start wearing kitten heels at the beginning. Once again, you won’t look that great as you wish if you put on stilettos while you can not wear them properly.

4. Buy inserts
Gel inserts are always useful if you feel the pain in the ball of the foot. Relieving the pain, you will feel better, thus, look better!

5. Try arch support
If your feet arches are poorly supported, try to use arch support inserts, but be careful while inserting them, make sure they are not seen when you are walking.
6. Do not try to follow all the trends
It is proven that majority of men do not like platforms, so try to do not overwork the latest trends.

Try to follow these tips and enjoy wearing stylish and sexy heels!