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Tips for shopaholics

Clothing | March 24, 2011


tips for shopaholics

Majority of girls are shopaholics. Even those who say that they are not, somewhere deep inside are. But what should you do as to avoid excessive money spending? Most of us feel wasted and regret after the purchase of the clothing which in a store seemed for us incredibly attractive and absolutely necessary.
Here are some tips that may help you to look stylish and at the same time spend much less money.

1. If clothing fits you perfectly, buy it right away!
This tip may seem inappropriate if you want to cease to be shopaholic. However, let’s consider it from another point of view: when you find the best clothing item, which fits your shape and make you look like a superstar, and refuse to buy it at once you spend few hours searching for something cheaper, and finally find your self at the first store with your dream item already sold. Do you think it’s great? I think not. Most of girls feel what is best for them. I mean really best, brilliant, perfect without any doubts. So if you’ve got that feeling, buy it immediately, don’t miss your chance!

2. If you have any doubts – do not buy!
This point is an addition to the first one: you should feel that the clothing is yours, if you have any even insignificant doubts, don’t buy it, you will regret later.

3. If you know that you will wear this clothing item only once- search something more versatile
For example, you have to buy a dress for some celebration. You do not have that much celebrations and ceremonies in your life, so why to buy something expensive? Do not choose some formal dresses, try to find a nice cocktail dress, you will be able to wear it more than once. The same is for other items you would wear only once.

4. Fashion is not a rule, your personal style is primary!
You worry when try to find something that you think is a “must have” of the season, and even disappointed if this style doesn’t fit your shape? You don’t need to! First of all you should love your body shape and do not try to lose weight as to look like a runway model. Secondly, you are not that rich as to afford a new bag or shoes every day. Of course you can buy cheaper replica, but you should always remember that it is not necessary to have all the trendy clothing items you see in fashion magazines.

5. If you can not choose from two similar items – choose the one which is more versatile
It is the best choice as when the trend will be already outdated, you will be able to combine it with different styles more successfully.

6. If you can’t wear high heels- do not buy them
If physiologically you can’t wear high heels and stilettos, do not buy it ever! You will not look beautiful wearing them and experiencing severe pain that will be seen on your face. Look for other models that will fit the style you want to wear the best.

7. First of all buy basics
We have already discussed basics for every season. You should understand that first of all you should acquire basics as any outfit needs basis. Classics are eternal and they will help you to maintain your style in any situation.

8. Choose accessories for clothes not clothes for accessories

When you see a stunning brooch do not hurry to buy it, first of all think with what you would wear it. It will be much harder to choose an outfit for the accessory.

9. If you already have an item that looks similar to the one you want to buy, do not buy it
Try to evaluate the situation with a cold mind: why do you need to spend money on the item which looks almost identical to the one you already have! Better spend money on something totally new for you.

I hope this tips will help you to make your shopping more useful and less money wasting!