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Jewelry trends for spring 2011

Jewelry, Trends | February 22, 2011


bright feather+ beads braided Dior necklace from spring-summer 2011 collection

A question about wearing or not wearing jewels is not relevant for modern fashionista, because the answer is always the same: of course to wear! But an important question is what to wear in this particular season. Every outfit, even the most trendy will look outdated if not to combine it with trendy jewels. In this season designers provide us with a wide range of options, even the most demanding lady can find something appropriate for this spring-summer season.
This year designers seems to be more provocative and daring: the jewels are still growing in their sizes, metals are taking the place of crystals and gemstones, excessive layering is everywhere.

As to prove my words, here is a quick overview of main jewelry trends for 2011:

1. Mixture of textures
The most hot trend along with oversized jewels of course is the blending of textures. In new season just one necklace or a pair of earrings can comprise feathers, crystals, beads, chains, and other components at once.

silver multi chain blended textures necklacemixed textures necklace

2. Metal is the main component

Precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum, always were in fashion. However, they mostly played the role of gemstones framing. In this season, designers offer to change the accents. What if the metal will play the major role in the composition? Bold decision, isn’t it? But brave and extravagant fashion is brought by 2011, so don’t be afraid to put on a bold chain and oversized earrings together.

gold chain bracelet

silver chains necklace

metal chains and beads necklace

3. Jewelery fringe
Already have been noted that fringe is trendy in new 2011 season, however, nobody would imagine that it would be reflected as well in jewels (well, nobody except jewels designers). However, now fringe is one of the most hottest jewelery trends of 2011.

fringe necklace

4. Layering
Layering is also a trend borrowed from clothing fashion. Layering in clothing fashion is very actual for 3 or 4 seasons at least. It came in jewelery in 2010, and in 2011 this trend is still very hot.

layering different necklaces

layered necklace

black beads layered necklace

5. Clear lines, sharp edges
This season is characterized by square bracelets which pretend to be trendy even in the following seasons. That’s why purchasing this spring square bracelets you can assure yourself with trendy jewels for a couple of years.

square shape silver bracelettextured round hand bracelet

6. Retro is in for 2011 season
As well as in clothing designers use retro inspiration for the creation of jewelery collections. This season vintage-like unique shaped rings are incredibly trendy. These rings perfectly match daily outfits and are sold mostly at affordable prices.

vintage-looking rings

7. The more – the better
The more bracelets are on your hands, the more interesting and unique is your look. Many jewels of different shapes and sizes perfectly compliment each other. Pay attention also to the party clutch purse, which this season is also considered as a jewelery.

multiple jewelry