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Hugo Boss. The history.

Hugo Boss | March 7, 2011


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Hugo Boss is a German fashion and lifestyle house founded in 1923 by the talented Austrian tailor and entrepreneur Hugo Boss. Today Hugo Boss production is mostly focused on hi-end menswear and womenswear.

Hugo Boss established his clothing business in 1923 in a small German town Metzingen. However, as the economic climate of the country was quite lamentable, soon Hugo Boss found himself on the verge of bankruptcy. The salvation of the company was the cooperation with ruling German Nazi Party. In 1931 Hugo Boss signed an agreement with his creditors who left him 6 sewing machines to start doing his business again. In the same year he joined German Nazi Party, what actually saved his business. Later he claimed that he became the member of the party only because it promised the end of unemployment and stabilization of the economic situation in the country. Since then the company became the main supplier of Nazi uniforms. With this successful, from financial point of view, cooperation the company revenues increased 100 times.
After a breakdown of Nazi regime Hugo Boss as an “activist” and a “supporter and beneficiary of National Socialism” was deprived of his voting rights and the capacity of running the business. He died in 1948 but his business survived.
In 1999 the Hugo Boss company agreed to contribute to the fund established to compensate slave laborers used by the Germans in World War II. However, the company paid only about 752 000 Euro.
Nowadays the company is owned by Valentino Fashion Group. And as the heads of the company claim, today’s Hugo Boss brand have nothing common with that producing Nazi uniforms except preservation of the typical German high quality of products.

At the moment, the fashion house has two core brands: BOSS and HUGO.

Boss brand includes the following sub-brands:

  • Boss Black. Menswear (since 1970), womenswear (since 2000). The line is characterized by modern classic style. It is the most widely distributed clothing line, also, it has the broadest product range.
  • Boss Orange. Menswear (since 1999), womenswear (since 2005). Initially this line was created as an eccentric style, with bohemian influences, clothing line. However, in 2010 it was relaunched as a denim casual wear.
  • Boss Selection. Menswear (since 2003). It is a higher priced clothing line focused at a more mature market. It makes an emphasis on English tailoring style.
  • Boss Green. Menswear (since 2003), womenswear (since 2010). Initially it was called Boss Sport. In 2010 the line was relaunched as a golf-style active wear collection.
  • Hugo brand consists of menswear launched in 1993 and womenswear launched in 1998. This line is focused on setting the trends rather than following them. It is more “European look” line, sometimes it includes some androgynous models.