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Choosing a high quality replica clothing

Clothing | February 9, 2011


gold silk dress

If you are in love with a particular designer dress, or any other clothing item but can’t afford it, you have a possibility to buy a replica. But you should be aware of what fabrics are used for original items as to find the most appropriate replica. First of all, check in the official online store from which fabrics the item is made and then search for a replica made from the same material. However, most often replica are made from the cheaper materials. But “cheaper materials” can also vary. You should now what is the best. For example, if you are dreaming of silk dress, search in the internet for its substitutes. Analyze what is the best, and then, comparing different replica choose the one made from the best substitute.
Here are some examples of natural fabrics and their substitutes, with a short description of their features.

Wool. Substitute: Acrylics.
Advantages of wool

  • It is warmer than acrylic
  • It has naturally fire resistance
  • It is less likely to pill than acrylic
  • It will usually last longer
  • It retains its shape better

Acrylics benefits

  • Cost – most acrylic fibers are cheaper than wool
  • It is moth proof
  • It can be machine washed and machine dried,while wool can’t be machine washed and dried, or can be but under the certain restrictions that make it uncomfy
  • Most people are not allergic to acrylic, while they are to wool

The biggest lacks of acrylics are the dreaded pilling and the static electricity problems, however the more advanced (and more expensive acrylics) are less prone to pilling.

Another wool substitute is Nylon. However, Nylon is rarely used alone, more likely it is used with some other fibers. The main lack of Nylon is that it starts to lose its good look much more quickly than wool. Also, nylon clothes look cheaper.
If you have to choose from acrylic and nylon, choose acrylic.

ligh brown funnel neck coat

Silk. Substitute: Synthetic silk.

Silk benefits

  • Silk is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics
  • Silk is warm and cozy in winter and comfortably cool in summer
  • Silk is highly absorbent, it absorbs perspiration while letting your skin breathe
  • Despite its delicate appearance, silk is a very strong fabric

Synthetic silk benefits

  • It costs less
  • High quality synthetic silk hardly can be distinguished from natural
  • It is very durable

Lacks: it doesn’t poses that unique feature of genuine silk to warm and cool in different weather conditions.
So the conclusion is that it’s not a problem to buy a high quality rayon (synthetic silk) if you don’t rely on him special task- to warm you in winter. Be attentive when learning the composition of fabric, if there is a big percentage of nylon, try to find something with a biggest share of rayon.

I hope that this article was useful for you and you get approximate idea of how to choose replica according to fabrics and how to compare fabrics.