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Tips to find a high quality replica handbag

Handbags | February 9, 2011


creamy-pink leather handbag

There are two main features that should provide a high quality replica: first of all, of course, is the appearance. If you are looking namely for a replica and not simply a cheaper analogue it is very important to learn all the details of the designer bag: its appearance, length of handles, color of zipper, color and fabric of lining, the shape of inner label, seams, etc. Remember, the more you learn about the original, the more qualitative replica you will be able to find! And the second, and very important point is the leather quality. Most of expensive designer handbags are made from genuine leather, some may be made from bonded leather. Most likely, you will buy bonded leather replica, because genuine leather is way too expensive. However, bonded leather is a good option! The bad one is a synthetic leather. Well, this variant is not that bad if buy a handbag that is openly synthetic, but if you want to buy a replica which should look like original leather handbag, you should avoid synthetics. And now the most interesting part: how to distinguish genuine leather from bonded? And what is more important, how to distinguish genuine/bonded leather from synthetic leather. Regarding genuine and bonded leather, they can be distinguished only by a professional (of course, if bonded leather is a high quality one!). But synthetic leather (fortunately) can be exposed.

There are many tips to check whether the leather is genuine, staring from smelling a bag and ending with a burning of leather. However, these tips are not useful for people buying accessories online. Well, you can try this but only when you have already made your order and received a bag. If you find out that it is made from synthetic, you can try to return it.

So, the burning: using your lighter burn the inner part of a bag (namely leather part, not fabric!). You can also try to burn a little spot on the be bottom of a bag. Hold this part over the fire few seconds. Genuine leather (or bonded, but only high quality one!) will be ok after this experiment. There can only appear a small dark stain, but it’s easily cleaned. If you burned a synthetic leather bag its cover will burn or melt.
Well, and now about the most normal and possible way to check the leather buying online: watch carefully the cuts (for example, somewhere nearly lining, seams, or handles). If the reverse side looks like a natural suede, then most likely it is leather. See the example below.

brown genuine leather example

What is bonded leather?
This material is also called reconstituted leather. It is made of varying degrees of genuine leather combined with other substances to give the item leather appearance at reduced cost. It is not “true” leather, but contains leather material unlike synthetic leather. Depending on jurisdiction, it may still be labeled as “Genuine Leather”.
Hope these tips were useful, and wish you a successful replica shopping!