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High heels passion

Accessories, Clothing, Shoes | April 8, 2011

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Tips hot to wear high heels comfortably and stylish

Now winter has passed and women start to wear heels heavily. Why do women love heels that much? They are uncomfy, unpractical, painful, however million of women worldwide wear heels. So what is the reason? The answer is simple: heels make a woman feel more feminine, fragile, and thus, they start to behave differently what makes man take care of them, or at least wish to take care of them.
Heels make woman’s legs look longer, her posture gets better, her hips are gently swaying when she is walking. These are the most attractive features of the heels from male point of view. However majority of men do not like platforms which are so trendy last seasons.
First of all If you want to look stylish and sexy, wearing heels you should follow some tips.

1. Heels should be comfy
First of all, heels should be really comfy. If you won’t feel yourself comfy while wearing heels, all of your pain will be reflected on your face, and no matter how trendy you are dressed, you will not get any other attention than pity. Never buy smaller or bigger shoes, they will never fit you well, you will always experience pain wearing them. Worth mentioning that tight shoes may also cause the appearance of fungus.

2. Try them, get used with them at home
In order to get comfy wearing heels, you should try wearing them at home. Do some easy work at home wearing your new heels. Wear them when you are talking by phone or applying makeup. Start from 15 minutes not to torture your legs too much.

3. Start to wear medium heels don’t go for stilettos at once
Stilettos are the most sexy heels, however if you are not used with heels, you better start wearing kitten heels at the beginning. Once again, you won’t look that great as you wish if you put on stilettos while you can not wear them properly.

4. Buy inserts
Gel inserts are always useful if you feel the pain in the ball of the foot. Relieving the pain, you will feel better, thus, look better!

5. Try arch support
If your feet arches are poorly supported, try to use arch support inserts, but be careful while inserting them, make sure they are not seen when you are walking.
6. Do not try to follow all the trends
It is proven that majority of men do not like platforms, so try to do not overwork the latest trends.

Try to follow these tips and enjoy wearing stylish and sexy heels!

Shoe trends: 5 top trends of coming spring-summer season

ARMANI, D&G, Shoes | February 16, 2011


black wedge sandals emporio armani

1. Cork wedges
In new season many renown designers use natural, or eco-friendly style in their collections. One of the most popular materials of this season is cork tree, as well as all sorts of imitations of its texture and pattern. Cork tree wedges are presented in the collections of Christian Louboutin, D&G, Fendi, Miu Miu, Stella McCartney, and Brian Atwood.

Christian Louboutin

cork wedge black sandals, summer 2011

d&g green cork wedge farmer boots

2. Blossoming flowers
Another hot trend is also related to the natural trends. Floral prints and texture inserts are typical for Alexander McQueen, D&G, Donna Karan, Dolce&Gabbana and other well-known brands spring-summer 2011 collections.

red floral sandals
Alexander McQueen
floral textured sandals

3. Wickerwork
In new spring-summer collections designers actively used different weaves: from leather strips, textiles, to ropes. The most popular type of footwear in the framework of new trend is espadrilles and their modern imitations. The trend was seen in Balenciaga, DKNY, Sonia Rykiel, Prada, Brian Atwood, and other collections.

dkny black wedge sandals

Sonia Rykiel

satin silk black sandals

4. Flat wedges
In the new collections are also presented shoes and sandals on the flat wedges. In such footwear feet won’t get tired even because of the high wedge. Foot in such shoes is in the maximum horizontal position, the heel is slightly raised for more comfort. Sandals with flat wedge were seen in Michael Kors, Chanel, Phillip Lim, and Marc Jacobs collections.

Derek Lam
nude color wedge sandals

Marc Jacobs
flat wedge MJ sandals
Admirers of classic low heel sandals can find something appropriate in Balenciaga, Aperlaï, DKNY, Jenni Kayne, Loeffler Randall, Giorgio Armani summer 2011 collections.

Giorgio Armani
black flat sandals by Georgio Armani

Loeffler Randalli
orange flat sandals

5. Lacing
Flip-flops and sandals from the new summer collections are equipped with satin ribbons, cords, soft leather straps to fix the shoe on the leg above the ankle. Shoes with laces and straps are provided in Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Erdem, Moschino, Altuzarra, Aperlaï, Derek Lam collections.

lacing high heel sandals

lacing high heel sandals 2011

Louis Vuitton in the fashion industry

Louis Vuitton, Shoes | February 11, 2011


Louis Vuitton monogram fall boots

Louis Vuitton is one of the most well-known luxury brand names in fashion industry. Louis Vuitton products provide person not only with newest fashion trends but also a social status and recognition. At you can find complete products details of the newest LV collections and products, the latest prices and Louis Vuitton sales events. You also have a possibility to share your opinion and discuss the products with other LV fans.


Shoes | February 11, 2011


The Timberland Company is an American manufacturer and retailer of casual wear. In the middle of 1970s Timberland expanded its range with casual shoes and boots. In 1980s Timberland enlarged its market coverage by introducing its products to the Italian market. At the same time, the company launched its clothing line and women’s footwear.

Now Timberland products are sold in the Northern America, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.
Since 1989 the company takes part in CSR (Corporate social responsibility) program. In the same year company became a founding sponsor of City Year program, which implies bringing together young people from diverse backgrounds for a full-time community service during a year. The Timberland company is highly involved in the social activities, City Year program is not the only one its contributions to the social life. For example, Timberland is also involved in the area of environmental stewardship, the company measures its impact on climate change, resources, and renewable energy. Timberland has become an innovator in the area of community involvement. Its innovative “Path of Service” program, which began in the 1990s, provides Timberland employees with 40 hours of paid time off to serve in their communities. The reports say that its employees have invested more than 278,000 hours in community service. A significant number of Timberland employees satisfied by their positions in the company (77%) shows that heads of the company do not forget about the people they employed. While other companies only try to find ways to contribute to the social issues, Timberland makes it on a daily basis. The company also supported a special team formed from its employees to attract the attention to the crisis in Darfur, Sudan. This team designed a special “Stomp Out Genocide” boot and developed a t-shirt.
Recently the company started to use the latest innovation: to the every product they attach a “nutrition label”. This label includes information about from what exactly the shoes are manufactured. The label also lists the environmental impact, the community impact (including a child labor percentage, which is always zero percent), and the country of origin.

White Timberland women's boots

MBT shoes

Shoes | February 11, 2011


MBT brown classic style shoes

MBT shoes have a curved pivot sole copying the walking on a soft moss. It makes you feel that you are walking down a rough terrain while you walk on a flat ground. Due to this special feature MBT shoes contribute to the contraction of all muscles. It makes your muscles work harder what leads to the burning of calories. Obviously, most of all work legs muscles, but at the same time, abdominal, back, buttock, and thigh muscles are also are strained, and thus, have a good training practice. With every step the instability of body, provided by the shoes, makes all the muscles contracting.
The benefits of wearing these shoes were proven during clinical tests. MBT shoes improve posture and blood circulation, not causing inconveniences to the feet. MBT shoes provide such results from your usual walking as if you were making special physical exercises.
MBT sports shoes


Shoes | February 11, 2011


White Nike women's sports shoes

Nike is a company producing a wide range of sports equipment. The company started its business from the production of track running shoes. Currently company also manufactures, markets, and distributes sports shoes and sportswear for different types of sports, such as baseball, soccer, ice hockey, tennis, basketball, cricket, combat sports, American football, athletics, golf, cross training, and many others. Their collections provide sportswear and accessories for men, women, and children.
One of the most renowned shoes lines of the Nike company is Nike Air Max which is produced since 1987. Latest additions to the line are: Nike NYX, Nike 6.0, and Nike SB shoes, designed specially for skateboarding. Also, Nike recently designed and launched a line of cricket shoes called Air Zoom Yourker. These shoes pretend to be 30% lighter than its predecessors and competitors.
One of the most significant recent Nike innovations is eco-friendly basketball shoes Air Jordan XX3, launched in 2008. Another important innovation should result from Nike’s cooperation with Apple. The new Nike + product will monitor a runner performance and report it to him via iPod. This technology is awaited by the customers and criticized by the researchers at the same time. Its opponents are researchers who identified the device and information it provides on the distance of 60 feets using wifi connection devices.
Nike is well-known and popular among teenagers. Most of teenager style icons are wearing Nike sportswear simply as urban outfits.

Tips to buy qualitative replica shoes

Shoes | February 9, 2011


beige heels with a bow

Choosing qualitative shoes is quite a difficult task. The most appropriate way is to check and measure shoes in a convenient shoes store, but what if you decided to buy shoes online?
Majority of women love to buy elegant and trendy fashion accessories of all kinds. Now it is very easy to buy designer shoes online. Well, you can be sure in a quality of designer shoes if yo buy them from official online store, but what if you can’t afford it? You can buy a replica instead. But once again, online shopping involves some knowledge about the original products as to compare it with different replica. Also you need to know some basics as to find a high quality pair of shoes.
Here are some tips to find out if the shoes are qualitative. If you want to buy shoes online, pay special attention to the visible qualitative indicators.

  1. The shoes should have a good shape stability. It means that the front part of a shoe should repeat the form of pads. It should be without any not folds, creases, wrinkles and “blisters”.As to check the quality of a shoe you should try to bend it as much as you can (you can do it when you’ve already received your parcel, and if you’ll find some defects- try to return it). I mean, while bending, try to bring closer (as much as possible) the front and the back parts of a shoe to each other. If the shoes are flexible, it means that they most likely will be comfy. Pay attention to the wrinkle that was formed after your exercise: little wrinkles show that it is a good leather, but if there is a one big fold that doesn’t smooth, or on the bended area there are some flakes of so called leather, it means that you take in your hands a bad quality synthetic shoe. You should be aware that synthetic shoe are dangerous to your health, in such shoes your skin doesn’t breath, and it may lead to the occurrence of fungi.
  2. Rub the surface of the leather with your finger. Make it on different areas. Good leather won’t left any stains on your finger, a bad one will dye your finger.
  3. Do not think that the most soft and subtle leather is the best. Yes it looks chic, but such shoes are unpractical. They lose the shape way too quickly.
  4. Attentively examine the inner part of the shoes: try with your fingers the heel from inside, check for different ledges and prickly details. Qualitative shoes usually do not have such “accessories” as nails pricking your heel, but low quality replica may have.
  5. Put the shoes on a flat surface. Look at the heels: do they stand right or are angled? If heels are poorly made it will cause incredible inconveniences, so be very attentive!

A good point of online shops (some of them which have a good reputation) is that they promise to return your money if you find that your replica shoes have much lower quality than designer ones.

Have a good shopping day!

Replica designer shoes

Shoes | February 3, 2011


red&white christian louboutin

Every modern girl dreams to wear designer shoes. We must say thank you to the Style and The City, Devil Wears Prada, and other movies, for making us addicted to designer shoes and clothing. Now all fasnionistas of the world dream about Manolo Blahnik shoes, Gucci bags and Vivienne Westwood wedding dress (actually not only about these items, but it’s difficult to remember all of them!). But what budget fashionistas should do? I mean, what girls do not having $ 3000 for pair of shoes should do? Wear sneakers? I have other opinion. I think you have noticed that fashion designers copy each other. So what is bad in buying a cheaper copy?
Some people think that buying a cheaper copy equals to the purchase of a fake. But it’s just a snobbery! If you are young, beautiful, why shouldn’t you be able to look stylish?
If you are obsessed with some brand shoes but realize that you won’t be able to buy them in next few years, you can buy a copy. I mean HQ copy, made from genuine leather and high quality materials. If you are staring at a desirable pair of shoes for hours, probably you have learnt all of its features, inducing seams, label position and color, etc. Try to choose the most similar replica and then nobody will be able to say that you are wearing a copy.