Shoes | February 11, 2011


White Nike women's sports shoes

Nike is a company producing a wide range of sports equipment. The company started its business from the production of track running shoes. Currently company also manufactures, markets, and distributes sports shoes and sportswear for different types of sports, such as baseball, soccer, ice hockey, tennis, basketball, cricket, combat sports, American football, athletics, golf, cross training, and many others. Their collections provide sportswear and accessories for men, women, and children.
One of the most renowned shoes lines of the Nike company is Nike Air Max which is produced since 1987. Latest additions to the line are: Nike NYX, Nike 6.0, and Nike SB shoes, designed specially for skateboarding. Also, Nike recently designed and launched a line of cricket shoes called Air Zoom Yourker. These shoes pretend to be 30% lighter than its predecessors and competitors.
One of the most significant recent Nike innovations is eco-friendly basketball shoes Air Jordan XX3, launched in 2008. Another important innovation should result from Nike’s cooperation with Apple. The new Nike + product will monitor a runner performance and report it to him via iPod. This technology is awaited by the customers and criticized by the researchers at the same time. Its opponents are researchers who identified the device and information it provides on the distance of 60 feets using wifi connection devices.
Nike is well-known and popular among teenagers. Most of teenager style icons are wearing Nike sportswear simply as urban outfits.

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