Clothing | February 11, 2011


pink knitwear Lacoste tennis t-shirt

The Lacoste company was founded in 1933 by Rene Lacoste. He was the world renowned tennis player. His fans nicknamed him “the crocodile” because of his resourcefulness on the court. The reason why Lacoste decided to manufacture his own t-shirts for tennis was his dislike of conventional tennis shirts. Rene Lacoste decided to cooperate with Andre Gillier, the owner of the largest knitwear company in France. Together they created a revolutionary knitted cotton pique shirt. Nowadays, the brand is renowned for Luxury and classic styling. The brand continues to be fashion-forward oriented. Its footwear line isn’t an exception. The brand manages to combine innovations in designing and production with the company’s heritage. This feature makes products of the brand very unique and distinguishable from other lifestyle brands.

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