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Juicy Couture | February 22, 2011


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Juicy Couture is an American fashion brand founded by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash in 1996. The aim of the company initially was to create girly apparel and a label equal to major fashion labels, but at an affordable prices. Nowadays, the brand’s clothing are much more expensive due to the fact, that brand become very popular and was sold to Liz Claiborne fashion company.
First products of company then called Travis Jeans were maternity pants. In 1996 with the change of name to Juicy Couture the company changed its profile, starting to create women’s denim wear and tracksuits. These tracksuits came in a variety of colors made of velour, terry cloth, fleece, and cashmere. They comprised string pants and a zip-up hoodie. Namely thanks to velour tracksuits the company gained its popularity among Hollywood stars and lately, the youth of the USA. In mid 1990’s two young designers, Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash, do not posses money for marketing and advertising their products, so they just send them to some Hollywood stars. Surprisingly, after some time Madonna was spotted in their velour tracksuit, what brought company so desirable recognition. In 2002 Juicy Couture also added menswear and line for children. Lately, meanswear was excluded as men line designer left the company. However, the popularity and recognition of the company has grown during years, even taking into consideration the fact, that the brand was only available in low number of department stores and didn’t have own boutiques and dedicated stores.
Interesting fact is the the brand almost never used the same slogan for different products, for example. Juicy Couture is well-known for its nontrivial and multiple slogans. Some of them are:”Be Juicy”, “Cupid Couture”, “Viva la Juicy”, “Let Them Eat Couture”, etc.
Lines now produced by Juicy Couture:

  • Juicy Couture- the main line producing women’s clothing, focused on young women appreciating bright design along with comfort.
  • Couture Couture- more expensive line of women’s wear characterizing the new stage in Juicy Couture development. For this line more refined designs are used.
  • Choose Sleep- loungewear and sleepwear.
  • Extra Juicy- plus-size line
  • Dirty English by Juicy Couture – men’s fragrances and shave lotion the only items produced by the company for men.
  • Fragrances line including: Juicy’s freshman fragrance, Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum and Parfum, created by perfumer Harry Fremont.

Along with these main lines company manufactures children’s clothing, jewelery, handbags, and cosmetics.

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