Gucci Techno Horsebit Shoulder Bag

What is your opinion about this tote? I mean your real attitude towards its design. What would you think if it wasn’t Gucci? I find its design a bit “overworked”.
The style pretends to be modern and even futuristic but what those brushes and braided handles are doing here then? Too many details for my taste. When we buy a brand accessory first of all we are paying incredible sums of money for the unique design and quality. I am sure in its quality, but weather the snazzy design isn’t a privilege of cheap brands? I mean from Gucci we expect elegance and quality but this style barely can be called elegant. It is rather eclectic.
Actually it’s my subjective opinion, but what do you think, what is better a crazy mess of details or laconic design?
I do like this bag but if I buy it I definitely get rid of those brushes.

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