Eco-friendly Hermes Kelly bag

Handbags | February 15, 2011


wicker Kelly handbag by Hermes

This spring-summer season in fashion collections is memorable because of plenty of classic handbags new interpretations. I’ve already mentioned new eco-friendly design of Lady Dior and new brigh color Chanel Mademoiselle. Now I am going to talk about the new version one of the most elegant and wanted handbags of 20th century. This is a legendary Kelly handbag by Hermes. New wicker Kelly handbag was created by the renown fashion designer Jan Paul Gaultier. The handbag is created from a calfskin and covered with wicker. The name of this new super-expensive exclusive bag is “Picnic Kelly”. Even though the handbag looks like a picnic bag it has a significant lack: it is very heavy due to the natural wicker. However, this bag is a perfect example of eco-friendly trends which are so popular this spring-summer season. This trend definitely worth to be noted.

brown wicker Hermes Kelly bag 2011eco-friendly Hermes Kelly
Another special version of the classic Birkin handbag is its smaller version attached to the hand bracelet. Actually, the entire collection has a special accent on the basics of Hermes fashion house- Kelly and Birkin bags. You can see this from the following images from spring-summer 2011 Hermes runway show.

small black Hermes Birkin handbag

hermes birkin clothing

hermes birkin brown belt

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