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Trendy sunglasses spring-summer 2011

sunglasses, Trends | March 7, 2011


trendy sunglasses spring-summer 2011

As the vintage is very trendy in clothing, this trend also concerns and sunglasses. Almost every fashion house presented their new vintage looking sunglasses for spring 2011 season. Some of them are too extravagant, but some models look quite elegant and classic, so they can serve you more than one season. Depending which style you prefer, you can choose something really trendy and appropriate. Here are presented some shades for spring-summer 2011 and fall-winter 2011, that deserve a special attention.

1. Sportswear brand Nike follows the vintage trend in its collections, even though something sporty rarely is associated with vintage, these models look quite interesting and nice.

leopard print vintage sporty sunglasses

brown vintage sporty shades

2. Missoni proposes classic and elegant vintage looking shades for the admirers of romantic style.

retro style romantic sunglasses with sky-blue framevintage looking sunglasses ss 2011

3. Lacoste also provides interesting vintage shades with some unique detailing.

horn-rimmed sunglassesvinous frame vintage sunglasses

4. Prada fashion house surprises by its fall-winter 2011 shades collection. The entire fashion collection looks like 1960s style, and shades are something like retro-motorcycle rider’s ones.
Prada motorcyclist glasses fall 2011

vintage looking motorcyclist-like glasses by Prada

5. And another model that worth mentioning as long as everything eco-friendly is trendy: wooden frame sunglasses. This new and very unique style is promoted by a renown optic brand Proof. These wood framed sunglasses and optical glasses make a part of social program focused on the supporting of the Indian eye clinics and a campaign promoting initiative of planting trees at Haiti. This social campaign also provides one patient of Indian eye clinic with a pair of folding glasses when you buy a pair of them from a brand store.
The frames of the Proof glasses are made from ebony tree, zebrano and bamboo.
woden frame sunglasses 2011

wooden frame vintage-looking sunglasses by Proof

Men’s hot fashion trend spring-summer 2011: colored chinos

Clothing, Men's fashion | February 24, 2011


colored men's chinos

Not only ladies benefit from colors this spring-summer season, men also do! Usually men prefer to wear something dark and do not stand out (why?!). But last years, some of them, thanks to fashion trends and availability of cheaper analogues of designer clothes, start to wear colors. This season this trend is very hot! Especially it concerns chinos. This item of a man’s wardrobe is very popular mainly because they are very comfy and can be combined with almost everything from a man’s wardrobe.
Well, as these perfect pants are so great and stylish, let’s color them this season!

dark blue/violet men's trousers

If you are afraid of cardinal changes, try to start from changing familiar color through shades.

Here are 3 essential tips to wear this new trend properly

1. Compliment the color
Combine the chinos with a shirt, polo or T-shirt that compliments the color of your pants. Try paring green hues with blues or purple with yellow. This trend provides you with a possibility to experiment. If you want to look more formal, keep it simple – pair your bright chinos with white or black shirt.
2. Confidence
The best way to look good is to feel confident. Don’t confuse it with arrogance and mannerism. Try to behave as you normally do, not trying to behave like you are a star, or on the contrary – a shy little boy. Try to understand, that you are not doing something criminal wearing this fantastic trend.
3. Choose Wisely
If you buy a new trendy chinos, first of all you should clearly understand with what you will wear them. Once again about complimentary colors: if your wardrobe is in brown hues mostly, try blue or violet chinos, but not red or pink.

If you are yet not ready for such “large area” of color on your body, but want to look trendy anyways, try some accessories: bright color belt, watches, sunglasses, etc., but remember the rules of complimenting colors, and try to preserve your style (for example, if your style is something like “Harvard student” you will look a bit awkward with some bright shutter shades. But in this particular case you can chose something like colorful Ray Ban Wayfarers.)

Swimsuits 2011 hot trends

Swimsuits, Trends | February 22, 2011


turquoise swimsuit with gold inserts

As summer is very close (at least I hope so), it is time to think about holidays and of course, new swimsuits! Swimsuit is a very important item in a wardrobe of every fashionista, as when we go to the resort we still want to look trendy. I propose you to take a look at most interesting trends in swimsuits offered for spring 2011. The possibility to choose is very broad: different styles and colors are available. Now let’s see what colors and styles are the most trendy.

1. Colors
Top colors that were favorites of designers are blue-green, orange and brown. It reminds swimsuits of 1970s, however, the prints and designs are in much more bigger variety.
As concerns blue hues, most used are turquoise and light sky colors. Regarding greens, the most used are seafoam and the olive hues.
Also a burnt orange of rusty shades and hot raspberry pink are very popular among swimsuits designers. Here we can see the tendency which is also observed in clothing collections for spring-summer 2011: let the color in!
If you are a fan of monochrome swimsuits, don’t worry, that’s classics which always be a must.

swimsuits colors 2011

swimsuits orange hues 2011

2. Patterns
Tribal, ethnic and abstract prints are perfectly combined with the main colors of the season. Most of swimsuit designers used namely these patterns.

tribal and ethnic patterns in swimsuits 2011

abstract prints on swimsuits 2011

3. Styles

Swimming season 2011 is very democratic in styles, so you can choose the most appropriate design for your shape and be trendy. For your choice are bandeaus and monokinis which were introduced few seasons ago, as well as the timeless bikinis and one-pieces. Regarding swimsuits bottoms, they are also very different: from Brazilian cuts to full coverage bottoms.

swimming season 2011, swim suits styles

4. 3-D effects
The global epidemic of 3D do not passed by swimsuits designers. They promise us that next season we will have very textured swimsuits with volumetric inserts and prints. Means to provide 3D effect are to add to a simple swimsuit ruffles or crystals. Actually, designers say that this trend will be mostly promoted next year, however, this year we can see some of the pioneering models.

10 must-haves of spring 2011

Trends | February 22, 2011


popping colors summer pants suit

As we already reviewed spring-summer 2011 main clothing and shoe trends, as well as jewels, here I decided to present top 10 must-haves of this season. It is something like a little note for fashionistas going for shopping. Of course, to comprise all must-haves of spring-summer 2011 season just in 10 items is impossible, however, here are the main points you should remember while enlarging your wardrobe this spring.
1. Different (and even weird!) prints are one of the main trends of new warm season. Don’t be afraid to look weird wearing for example banana-print dress (as Prada proposes), or trousers with someone’s quotes, this season you are allowed to use it.

quirky print dress spring 2011

2. Platform wedges
These wedges are much more comfortable than high heel wedges that were trendy in previous season. Their absolute advantage is the ability to make you taller and your legs longer not causing inconveniences like heels or high wedges.

platform wedges 2011

3. Vintage looking bright color eco-friendly handbag (for example braided or made from fabric)
As we already discussed, eco-friendly materials and designs are a very hot trend of this season. They were meet in all collections, so try to find something appropriate and eco-friendly at the same time.

eco-friendly Dior handbag

4. Floral prints or inserts on sandals
Namely shoes in this season have a privilege to be floral printed. Some models even have textured flowers or sculptural inserts.

red floral wedge sandals

5. An envelope bag (better if you choose an oversized envelope bag)
This handbag is very useful if you have iPad or some other similar devices. It is not a huge tote but an elegant type of clutch purse, which can be used daily.

envelope dark red clutch bag

6. Colorful outfit
Don’t be afraid to combine different popping colors, this season you are allowed! Who knows, when we will have the possibility to wear such bright colors again?

citrus color jacket

7. Tailored pants
Forget about tight jeans (at least for the season), let your legs enjoy breathing through light fabrics!

wide leg light safari pants

8. Layered and mixed textures jewels
The more jewelry you wear in this season- the more trendy you look. Combine different textures and styles, as to look chic.

bright feather necklace

9. All white outfit
There were a lot of them in this season designer collections, try to make something similar from already owned clothes and new arrivals.

white sheer cocktail dress

10. Braided details
Choose belt, sandals, handbag or hat, jewelry, whatever, just something braided, this trend is extremely popular!

braided Kelly Hermes

dark brown vintage looking handbag with braided details

Jewelry trends for spring 2011

Jewelry, Trends | February 22, 2011


bright feather+ beads braided Dior necklace from spring-summer 2011 collection

A question about wearing or not wearing jewels is not relevant for modern fashionista, because the answer is always the same: of course to wear! But an important question is what to wear in this particular season. Every outfit, even the most trendy will look outdated if not to combine it with trendy jewels. In this season designers provide us with a wide range of options, even the most demanding lady can find something appropriate for this spring-summer season.
This year designers seems to be more provocative and daring: the jewels are still growing in their sizes, metals are taking the place of crystals and gemstones, excessive layering is everywhere.

As to prove my words, here is a quick overview of main jewelry trends for 2011:

1. Mixture of textures
The most hot trend along with oversized jewels of course is the blending of textures. In new season just one necklace or a pair of earrings can comprise feathers, crystals, beads, chains, and other components at once.

silver multi chain blended textures necklacemixed textures necklace

2. Metal is the main component

Precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum, always were in fashion. However, they mostly played the role of gemstones framing. In this season, designers offer to change the accents. What if the metal will play the major role in the composition? Bold decision, isn’t it? But brave and extravagant fashion is brought by 2011, so don’t be afraid to put on a bold chain and oversized earrings together.

gold chain bracelet

silver chains necklace

metal chains and beads necklace

3. Jewelery fringe
Already have been noted that fringe is trendy in new 2011 season, however, nobody would imagine that it would be reflected as well in jewels (well, nobody except jewels designers). However, now fringe is one of the most hottest jewelery trends of 2011.

fringe necklace

4. Layering
Layering is also a trend borrowed from clothing fashion. Layering in clothing fashion is very actual for 3 or 4 seasons at least. It came in jewelery in 2010, and in 2011 this trend is still very hot.

layering different necklaces

layered necklace

black beads layered necklace

5. Clear lines, sharp edges
This season is characterized by square bracelets which pretend to be trendy even in the following seasons. That’s why purchasing this spring square bracelets you can assure yourself with trendy jewels for a couple of years.

square shape silver bracelettextured round hand bracelet

6. Retro is in for 2011 season
As well as in clothing designers use retro inspiration for the creation of jewelery collections. This season vintage-like unique shaped rings are incredibly trendy. These rings perfectly match daily outfits and are sold mostly at affordable prices.

vintage-looking rings

7. The more – the better
The more bracelets are on your hands, the more interesting and unique is your look. Many jewels of different shapes and sizes perfectly compliment each other. Pay attention also to the party clutch purse, which this season is also considered as a jewelery.

multiple jewelry

Spring 2011 trend report

Chloe, Clothing, Trends | February 21, 2011


white women's pants suit

While New York fashion week proposes us new ideas for future fall (and we are very inspired by the way!) , I think, majority of fashionistas will agree, we are focused on upcoming spring-summer season. As the spring-summer collections presented in September already start to arrive in stores (and high quality replica are ready to be found!), I decided to highlight the main fashion trends that will be actual this season.
From the general overview it can be said that once again we are meeting retro. However, this retro seems to have 1980’s chic on the background.

Here is the list of main fashion trends of future spring according to the reputable fashion source

1. Popping colors
It’s been a while (maybe since the mentioned 1980’s) that we hadn’t seen such a fulness of colors in the collections of fashion designers. For example Aquilano Rimondi has shown a skirt suit entirely made in citrus hues, and these weren’t some pale citrus hues as it was in some previous seasons, these colors are popping! All over his collection we can meet other juicy hues which are bright, and actually, can make your day a bit more sunny; Jil Sander and Haider Ackermann introduced full length eclectic blue dresses without any other color inserts.

citrus color satin silk jacket

citrus color satin silk skirt suit

eclectic blue silk jacket

eclectic blue maxi dress

2. Lace

Well, this trend seems to be not new. It was seen in many previous collections. However, in these spring collections it has a different framework and is more romantic rather than sexual, as it was in previous seasons.

milk coffee lace dress

creame lace blouse and shorts

beige lace romantic skirt and jacket3. Midi length
With the return of romantic and lady-look retro style, inspired by 1950’s-1960’s Hollywood divas, three-quarter-length skirts are now in every collection. Choose midi skirts of pale gentle colors and the romantic lace mentioned above, or a colorful tight dress, as to look as a really trendy lady this season.

satin brown midi lenght skirt

floral midi lengt tight dress

midi lenght knitwear blue+yellow+orange dress4. Quirky patterns

Casual leopard prints, stripes, plaid, etc., are out of this season’s fashion trends. During Milan fashion week models wore houses on their backs at Mary Katrantzou; and Françoise Sagan quotes at Rochas.

house print on clothing

blue romantic dress

5. More light
White is a classic color for spring-summer season, don’t you think so? So this season it is also “in”! White maxi dresses, tanks, pants, sandals – you can wear all white and be trendy.

white cotton maxi gown

white summer pants suit

6. YSL style
Classic YSL style this season can be noted in almost all collections. Starting from shapes and ending with color hues, YSL is everywhere!

peach maxi summer gown

orange+fuchsia jupsuit

red+violet dress with a yellow bow
7. Classic pants
If all the trends mentioned above seem to you not very appropriate for your shape or lifestyle, don’t worry, tailored trousers are also a focus of this season! High waist and relaxed, boys style pants, tight cigarette pants – you can chose everything you wish!

denim like suit pants

white tailored wide-leg pants