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Barbour fashion brand

Barbour | March 7, 2011


Barbour fashion brand commercials

Barbour is a British brand founded in 1870 by John Barbour. The brand is extremely popular in the Western world for its wide range of outfits for motorcycle lovers. Initially the company was focused on the manufacturing and supply of outer wears like sailor coats, painter jackets, boiler suits, and costumes for dock and shipyard workers. But when the business was taken by the next generation of Barbours, the company stopped being simply a regular order supplier for the marine and shipping industry. Duncan Barbour started a new chapter of the Barbour company’s history by introducing the Barbour jackets. The inheritor’s hobby was motorcycling and he decided to launch a line of self-designed jackets for motorcycle enthusiasts. Since then, the Barbour company is mostly associated with hi-end and unique motorcycle jackets. However, Barbour International has long ceased to be not only a brand designing and manufacturing navy suits and motorcyclist jackets. Today it is a complete clothing brand which is very popular in the United Kingdom and the United States. The company hadn’t stopped its expansion and now is among leading apparel brands in Germany, Austria, Spain, and other countries of the world.

Besides ‘icon’ jackets, Barbour International won people’s hearts with its stylish and highest quality casual clothing. Nowadays there are 4 clothing collections of Barbour International available worldwide: Heritage Fashion, Contemporary Collection, Classic Collection, and Sports Collection.

The Heritage Fashion collection includes clothing items which combine old traditions with today’s looks and styles. The line is characterized by the outfits rich in detail that are giving people unique looks.
The Contemporary Collection is a range of clothing designed in accordance to today’s main fashion trends. The line includes knitwear, shirts, scarves, and casual outfits for winter and autumn.
The Classic Collection includes a variety of waxed Bedale and quilted Liddesdale jackets.
The Sports Collection provides clothing suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities.
The main benefit you get from purchasing clothing from Barbour International is that you receive the same quality as it was at the very beginning of the company operation. Barbour International has never compromised the quality in order to decrease the cost of production.

Women’s spring must haves

Clothing | March 7, 2011


burberry 2011 commercials

With every season women are happy to change her wardrobe. Well, it is great when you have enough budget. But the best way for budget fashionista is to acquire some basics for each season and every year just add some statement details which will make her look trendy. Winter must haves we have already discussed, now it is time for spring must haves.
Spring is a perfect season for the blossom of femininity. Winter is too cold and you wrap yourself in a millions of sweaters, summer is too hot, and you can’t put on more than 1 item ( I mean t-shirt or a dress) on you. But in spring you are able to give the freedom to your fantasy, but if you are working in office, you need some basics. Actually, everyone needs them to be safe in different situations.

1. White classic style blouse
It is an irreplaceable item in a wardrobe of every woman. You can be a fan of ruffles or edgy details, but this clothing item will always help you to look fresh, stylish and elegant. It works as for business meetings and for parties, everything depends on accessories. In formal environment you can wear it with blazer or jacket, with little earrings and without a necklace, but in you free time you can combine it with a unique and edgy necklace (which are trendy this season!) and some eclectic vest.

women's white shirt

2. Black wool jacket or pea coat
This item will bring you a confidence in cold spring evenings, at business meeting, and it can suit a cocktail dress if you choose it properly. The best wool jacket is one that suits your shape, perfectly emphasizing your waist and breast. Choose it carefully while buying online, be sure to make all the necessary measurements to buy the one that is fitting your body-type and measurements the best.

classic style black jacket

3. Cocktail dress
Actually this dress can be of different color, but as we are talking of classics, chose to-the- knee black or navy blue dress. Please, do not think that it is boring! It is a classic style which you will be able to combine with a statement red/blue (any color!) handbag, and different jewels that will make it look like a new dress every time you wear it! The shape depends on your body type. If you have a slim and thin shape, you can choose a tight dress, but if you have big hips, make them look hot in your flared bottom dress.

classic cocktail dress

4. Trench coat
Trench coat I mentioned also in Winter Must Haves, but it is also an irreplaceable item for spring. Of course, spring implies some lighter and brighter colors and fabrics. The most classic style, from my point of view, is a nylon nude color trench coat by Burberry (or its replica). This trench coat is always trendy, because it is already classic.
classic beige color trench coat

5. Tote bag

Tote bag is useful always. In spring you can chose some colorful fabric or classic leather tote as to have this basic tote for years.
You can’t go wrong with basic spring colors such as camel and other shades of brown, and light gray.
camel tote bagprada dark brown tote bag

prada light gray leather tote bag

Trendy sunglasses spring-summer 2011

sunglasses, Trends | March 7, 2011


trendy sunglasses spring-summer 2011

As the vintage is very trendy in clothing, this trend also concerns and sunglasses. Almost every fashion house presented their new vintage looking sunglasses for spring 2011 season. Some of them are too extravagant, but some models look quite elegant and classic, so they can serve you more than one season. Depending which style you prefer, you can choose something really trendy and appropriate. Here are presented some shades for spring-summer 2011 and fall-winter 2011, that deserve a special attention.

1. Sportswear brand Nike follows the vintage trend in its collections, even though something sporty rarely is associated with vintage, these models look quite interesting and nice.

leopard print vintage sporty sunglasses

brown vintage sporty shades

2. Missoni proposes classic and elegant vintage looking shades for the admirers of romantic style.

retro style romantic sunglasses with sky-blue framevintage looking sunglasses ss 2011

3. Lacoste also provides interesting vintage shades with some unique detailing.

horn-rimmed sunglassesvinous frame vintage sunglasses

4. Prada fashion house surprises by its fall-winter 2011 shades collection. The entire fashion collection looks like 1960s style, and shades are something like retro-motorcycle rider’s ones.
Prada motorcyclist glasses fall 2011

vintage looking motorcyclist-like glasses by Prada

5. And another model that worth mentioning as long as everything eco-friendly is trendy: wooden frame sunglasses. This new and very unique style is promoted by a renown optic brand Proof. These wood framed sunglasses and optical glasses make a part of social program focused on the supporting of the Indian eye clinics and a campaign promoting initiative of planting trees at Haiti. This social campaign also provides one patient of Indian eye clinic with a pair of folding glasses when you buy a pair of them from a brand store.
The frames of the Proof glasses are made from ebony tree, zebrano and bamboo.
woden frame sunglasses 2011

wooden frame vintage-looking sunglasses by Proof

Bizzbee: the young French fashion brand

Bizzbee | March 7, 2011


fashion boutique

Bizzbee is a modern French fashion brand, focused on young people. It provides casual trendy clothing at affordable prices. It is already a popular brand in European countries. It is not available in retail stores in the USA; however, it can be purchased online.

If you are young and like casual but chic clothing, Bizzbee is perfect for you. You can feel French chic wearing their clothing which will cost you much less than American casual brands. Bizzbee designs and manufactures girl’s and boy’s clothing and accessories. You can find in their range unique T-shirts, jeans, hoodies, dresses, and outwear, as well as accessories.

Pepe Jeans London: the fashion brand history

Pepe Jeans | March 7, 2011


monochrome fashion commercials

Pepe Jeans is a British denim brand started its history in 1973, when 3 brothers Nitin Shah, Arun Shah, and Milan Shah, originating from Kenya, decided to make their own unique denim brand. They started their humble business while working at other full-time jobs. Their first trading area was Portobello Road – the world’s largest antiques market in London. They rented a market stall and sell their jeans every Saturday. In a few time due to a high quality of the jeans and the fact that they were fitting well, their humble enterprise gained a deserved success.
Initially, the company was called Sholemay Ltd trading. But later brothers decided to re-name the brand as to make it more catchy and written without any trouble.
By 1975, the small and humble company started to expand: there were already 4 market stalls at Kensington Market, and Portobello Road Market. The first store of Pepe Jeans was opened at Kings Road street, London. Another stage of eh company development was the new boutique at Carnaby Street and a 25,000-feet office and warehouse at the Avonmore Trading Estate.
Due to a great success in Great Britain, the Pepe Jeans company decided to expand to other European markets.
Nowadays, the brand is the leading player in the premium jeans and casual wear segment, enjoying a market share of more than 25 percent of the global premium denim market.
Interesting fact is that the first advertising campaign Kate Moss took part in was a commercials of Pepe Jeans.

American Eagle Outfitters: casual American fashion brand

American Eagle Outfitters | March 1, 2011


fashion b&w commercials

American Eagle Outfitters is an American fashion brand targeting mostly on 15-25 years old girls and boys. It provides high quality and trendy clothing at affordable prices. The brand was created in 1977 by Mark and Jerry Silverman as a subsidiary of Retail Ventures, Inc., a company which also owned and operated Silverman’s Menswear.
According to the company reports, their bestsellers are low-rise jeans, polo shirts, graphic T-shirts, boxers and briefs, outerwear, and swimwear.
In 1991 the brand was sold to the company’s shareholders Schottensteins. The new owners started to change the company’s positioning, and finally, it found its present niche: casual clothing for men and women selling private label clothing. Nowadays the brand is the most popular casual wear in the USA and Canada. Canada is the first state where American Eagle Outfitters started its international expansion. Now it is also sold in Dubai, Kuwait, and other countries.

As well, with the change of ownership the company started its range expansion. The most serious step was the creation of a clothing line, focusing on people between 18 and 32 years old.
This strategy worked, and in 5 years the American Eagle Outfitters company’s revenues increased 5 times and reached $1 billion by 2000. In 2008 the company reported total revenues of $3 billions.
At the beginning of 21th century American Eagle Outfitters decided to strengthen their success in more mature customers and launched a separate line called Martin + Osa which was focused on the costumers aging from 28 to 40 years. As the main line of the brand, Martin + Osa was a casual wear line. Hi-end quality and affordable price policy was strictly observed in the production and marketing of the line. However, the line wasn’t that successful as its predecessor, and in March of 2010 the company announced that all Martin + Osa will be closed.

However, the brand American Eagle Outfitters still makes attempts to expand their range, and in 2006 the new line of underwear aerie was launched. In 2008 new children’s clothing line 77kids was also launched.
Along with clothing and lingerie the company designs and manufactures men’s and women’s accessories.

Bikkembergs:hi-end men’s fashion brand

Bikkembergs | March 1, 2011


black leather men's biker jacket and grey pants

Bikkembergs is a Belgian fashion brand founded by the young Belgian fashion designer Dirk Bikkembergs. The label was launched onto the market in 1996. It is renown for the designer’s ability and willingness to combine the exclusivity of fashion with the universe of football. From the start he knew what kind of men he is willing to dress. Dirk Bikkembergs proved that he is able to create innovative clothes in a uniquely structured shape.
Nowadays, all of Bikkembergs designs are tested and promoted by football players. The range of these hi-end products is quite large, starting from the exclusive jackets and ending with hi-performance underwear. Dirk Bikkembergs successfully collaborated with football team Inter Milan and in 2010 has signed a contract for the creation of wear for Toronto FC. He was the first fashion designer who was allowed to make his runway show at a football stadium.
Creating a menswear focused on the strong and successful men, Dirk Bikkembergs gains more and more recognition among hi-end men’s fashion admirers.
As for the designers professional background, he graduated from Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp Belgium in 1982. The first successes in fashion and recognition came to Dirk Bikkembergs in 1980s. He is also referred as one of the famed Antwerp Six, a group of six fashion graduates from the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

Women’s winter must haves

Clothing | February 28, 2011


Now it is a perfect time to acquire some winter must haves. You may ask why now, my answer is simple: now everything for winter is on sale. Here I decided to make a list of winter must haves. Buying these classics now, you can’t go wrong.

1. Cardigan
Cardigan is a very versatile clothing item; it can be worn with a blouse, tee, tank or roll-neck sweater. You can wear it as an outerwear or under the blazer, thus, observing the main trend of the last few years that is layering. Also it looks perfectly both with cocktail dress, pants, skirt or jeans. So what can be more classic and must have? Choose classic colors such as black, white, grey, or navy blue, as to be able to wear it regardless of new color trends.

grey comfy long lenght cardigan

2. Roll-neck sweater
This item was already mentioned above as clothing that can be worn with a cardigan. It can be also worn as a separate clothing, under a vest, blazer, jacket, coat, etc. Also, you can wear it (as it is trendy now!) under a light chiffon dress. As for the color, rules are the same as for the cardigan.

black Ralph Lauren pea coat

3. Wool Pant Suit
You can benefit all the advantages of wool in one outfit. This pick is perfect for women who work in office and need to look formally. You can choose a classic straight leg pants or wider leg slacks. However, you should remember that wider pants better go with heels, but not flats.
grey wool womens pant suit

4. Sweater Dresses
What can be more feminine than dress? Nothing! Even in winter you can look classy and feminine wearing a dress. But what if it’s too cold for a dress? Sweater dress with leggings will warm you in any weather, especially, if you wear it with a warm coat. You can wear it with belt, or without, making it look absolutely different every time you put it on.
khaki sweater dress

5. Wool Pencil Skirt
This item is very appropriate for businesswomen. It looks extremely elegant and sexy at the same time, also, a warm fabric make it cozy for winter weather. It can be worn either with ankle boots or with flat over-the-knee boots for more comfort.winter pencil skirt
6. Winter Coat
It is obvious that coat is very elegant and classic clothing. Dependently on your climate zone, you can choose different coats, starting from short pea coat and ending with long and cozy trench coat. It is normal that it looks perfect with pants, skirts and dresses. However, you should remember that a short coat can be worn with flats while a long coat looks great only with heels (if you are not tall without heels though).

black cashmere womens pea coatlong nude color trench coat

Fendi fashion house

Fendi | February 28, 2011


spring-summer 2011 fashion commercials

Fendi is an Italian fashion brand, most known in the world for its classic Baguette handbag and a revolution in the fur fashion industry.
The brand was founded in 1918 by Adele Casagrande. At the beginning, it was a shop selling leather and fur clothing and accessories. In 1925, as Adele married Edoardo Fendi, the name of the shop was changed to Fendi. The family’s five daughters also became involved in the family business, and in 1965 they decided to involve a new, and very talented fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in designing of fur clothing and leather accessories. Worth mentioning, that even now, when the company is owned by the LVMH holding, Lagerfeld still creates fashion collections for the brand. Karl Lagerfeld is the one who made a fur revolution in the fashion world working for Fendi. His collection of fur coats made in 1969 presented brand new designs and methods of fur processing. His furs were much lighter than these worn previously, allowing ladies to feel themselves much more comfortable wearing fur coats.
In 1977 the first women’s ready-to-wear collection of the Fendi fashion house was launched. The success of incredible Karl Lagerfeld’s talent along with quality traditions of the Fendi house brought the brand a global recognition. Also worth mentioning, that Fendi’s famous double F logotype was also designed by Karl Lagerfeld.
As concerns a today’s must have, Baguette handbag, it was created by the new creative director of handbags line Silvia Venturini Fendi, who took the reins of the line in 1994.
Nowadays the brand designs and manufactures a wide range of luxury products, starting from furs, and ending with perfumes and children’s clothing. Even though the brand is no longer Fendi’s family brand, two sisters still remain involved in its ongoing history, as well as Karl Lagerfeld, who maintains the classic Fendi style for over 30 years.

Ed Hardy fashion brand background

Ed Hardy | February 28, 2011


Ed Hardy white womens hoodie with slogan

Ed Hardy is an American fashion brand created by the French designer and entrepreneur Christian Audigier. The base for the collections (the name of the brand stands for it too) is the tattoo style of an American tattoo genius Don Ed Hardy.
Christian Audigier previously worked for Diesel, Levi’s , American Eagle Outfitters and Von Dutch. With Ed Hardy clothing brand he decided to make an authentic American brand with very individual style, comprising classic tattoo designs, the punk element and street culture.
Fashion critics made a number or fruitless efforts to define the style of Ed Hardy clothing brand. Some of them call it “tattoo style”, “hip-hop style”, “Harley-Davidson style”, etc. This list is endless, however, to define this new brand is quite hard and actually, useless. Fashion designer Christian Audigier and Ed Hardy created their brand new style which embodies elements of many different styles while being unique. The brand is completely independent from different trends and very recognizable. It is characterized by the maximum showiness, provocative brightness, and positive sounding of aggressive themes.
This clothing brand is beloved by the people loving active lifestyle, people who are free from standards.

In the range of brand Ed hardy products you can find jeans, shirts, t-shirts, accessories, and even iPhone and iPad accessories, what is very relevant last few years.
Ed Hardy designer clothing and accessories are manufactured by Ku USA, Inc. They are available in the U.S.A., and overseas, including: Waikiki, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney and Riga.