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Guess | February 18, 2011


Paris Hilton for Guess

Guess is an American fashion company founded by the Marciano brothers in 1981. The family with French origins moved in the USA in 1977 striving for the American dream. Financial input for the company establishment was made by the Nakash family, founders of Jordache denim empire. First model of Guess were stonewashed 3-zip jeans named Marilyn. First retail store that ordered Guess jeans was the network of iconic American department stores Bloomingdales. The store ordered 20 pairs of Marilyn which were sold in just few hours. This was the beginning of a successful Guess story. In 1982 the company started its almost iconic black and white advertising campaign, for which they received numerous ads awards. The company started to involve renown fashion models for their advertising campaign, as well as implement a product placement strategy by dressing the main character of the popular movie Back to the Future. Guess became the most popular jeans wear in 1980’s due to their quality and successful marketing strategy. During 1980s the company was the leading denim brand in the USA, but in late 1980’s with the introduction of Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, and other luxury denim brands sales of the brand dramatically decreased. In 2000 company finally started to regain gradually its positions on the fashion market by making their ads much sexier and using as a spokesmodel an American socialite Paris Hilton. In 2004 celebrating 20th anniversary of its watch collection, Guess issued a special edition of anniversary watches. At the same time, company has expanded the range of accessories, and in 2006 launched their first perfume Guess for Women. In the same year company launched Marciano men’s line. This product line is a luxury one, all items are manufactured in Florence, Italy. The clothing of the line is sold exclusively in official online store of the company. Nowadays Marciano is expanded by the women’s line. It seems that nowadays the brand again is very popular and trendy, in 2006 the company revenue was $1.19 billion. Main sales of the company are made in the USA and Canada, however, the company operates in many other countries.

Guess brand comprises the following lines
Guess– the main meanswear and womensear line of the luxury segment, includes clothing, accessories and perfumes
G by Guess – meanswear and womenswear line of clothing, accessories, and perfumes. The line is targeted on men and women aged 16-23. This line is less expensive and more democratic
Guess by Marciano– luxury clothing for men and women sold only through the official online store
GC watch collection
Guess kids– children clothing and accessories