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Ed Hardy fashion brand background

Ed Hardy | February 28, 2011


Ed Hardy white womens hoodie with slogan

Ed Hardy is an American fashion brand created by the French designer and entrepreneur Christian Audigier. The base for the collections (the name of the brand stands for it too) is the tattoo style of an American tattoo genius Don Ed Hardy.
Christian Audigier previously worked for Diesel, Levi’s , American Eagle Outfitters and Von Dutch. With Ed Hardy clothing brand he decided to make an authentic American brand with very individual style, comprising classic tattoo designs, the punk element and street culture.
Fashion critics made a number or fruitless efforts to define the style of Ed Hardy clothing brand. Some of them call it “tattoo style”, “hip-hop style”, “Harley-Davidson style”, etc. This list is endless, however, to define this new brand is quite hard and actually, useless. Fashion designer Christian Audigier and Ed Hardy created their brand new style which embodies elements of many different styles while being unique. The brand is completely independent from different trends and very recognizable. It is characterized by the maximum showiness, provocative brightness, and positive sounding of aggressive themes.
This clothing brand is beloved by the people loving active lifestyle, people who are free from standards.

In the range of brand Ed hardy products you can find jeans, shirts, t-shirts, accessories, and even iPhone and iPad accessories, what is very relevant last few years.
Ed Hardy designer clothing and accessories are manufactured by Ku USA, Inc. They are available in the U.S.A., and overseas, including: Waikiki, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney and Riga.