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Byblos – an Italian fashion brand

Byblos | February 24, 2011


red knitted sweater with unique embroidery

Byblos is an Italian fashion brand established in 1973. It raised a number of well-known fashion designers such as Gianni Versace, Guy Paulin, Keith Varty, Allen Cleaver, Richard Tyler and John Bartlett.
Due to the discovering such creative and talented designers Byblos became very unique fashion brand on the international fashion arena. However, even involving such outstanding designers Byblos managed to maintain its unique individuality that is very appreciated nowadays. Of course the style of the brand was influenced by the time and special features of every designer, but due to the man behind scenes, Sergio Girombelli, who operates the brand over three decades, the brand maintained its special style that stands out from other Italian brands. Byblos is always above all else lightheartedness and easy spirit, a joy for life and living.
Since 2007 the main designer of the brand is Manuel Facchini the Central St. Martin graduate. His successful work with the brand maintains a fresh, young approach.
Byblos is well-known for the frequent use of embroidery and special detailing that make the garments unique. As well, in Byblos collections always can be found ethnic and romantic details along with the designers sense of humor.