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Barbour | March 7, 2011


Barbour fashion brand commercials

Barbour is a British brand founded in 1870 by John Barbour. The brand is extremely popular in the Western world for its wide range of outfits for motorcycle lovers. Initially the company was focused on the manufacturing and supply of outer wears like sailor coats, painter jackets, boiler suits, and costumes for dock and shipyard workers. But when the business was taken by the next generation of Barbours, the company stopped being simply a regular order supplier for the marine and shipping industry. Duncan Barbour started a new chapter of the Barbour company’s history by introducing the Barbour jackets. The inheritor’s hobby was motorcycling and he decided to launch a line of self-designed jackets for motorcycle enthusiasts. Since then, the Barbour company is mostly associated with hi-end and unique motorcycle jackets. However, Barbour International has long ceased to be not only a brand designing and manufacturing navy suits and motorcyclist jackets. Today it is a complete clothing brand which is very popular in the United Kingdom and the United States. The company hadn’t stopped its expansion and now is among leading apparel brands in Germany, Austria, Spain, and other countries of the world.

Besides ‘icon’ jackets, Barbour International won people’s hearts with its stylish and highest quality casual clothing. Nowadays there are 4 clothing collections of Barbour International available worldwide: Heritage Fashion, Contemporary Collection, Classic Collection, and Sports Collection.

The Heritage Fashion collection includes clothing items which combine old traditions with today’s looks and styles. The line is characterized by the outfits rich in detail that are giving people unique looks.
The Contemporary Collection is a range of clothing designed in accordance to today’s main fashion trends. The line includes knitwear, shirts, scarves, and casual outfits for winter and autumn.
The Classic Collection includes a variety of waxed Bedale and quilted Liddesdale jackets.
The Sports Collection provides clothing suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities.
The main benefit you get from purchasing clothing from Barbour International is that you receive the same quality as it was at the very beginning of the company operation. Barbour International has never compromised the quality in order to decrease the cost of production.