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Baci & Abbracci – new Italian casual luxury

Baci & Abbracci | February 23, 2011


Baci & Abbracci - new Italian casual luxury

Baci & Abbracci is an Italian fashion brand founded in 2004. It is one if the fastest growing fashion brands today. At the beginning the brand was positioned as line of expensive, exclusive clothing, however, today it is more often referred as one of the most popular casual luxury fashion brand in Europe.
The brand observes a high-end fashion quality standards as well as the uniqueness of design. Elegant classic style in their collections is combined with innovative designs and fabrics complying to the main world fashion trends. Another distinctive feature of this new brand is its emotional appeal. In time when major fashion brands seem to have passionless collections, Baci & Abbracci tries to maintain the style of Italian hot temper.
Interesting fact is that the name of the brand Baci & Abbracci is translated as Kisses & Embraces.