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Dsquared fashion brand review

Dsquared | April 26, 2011

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Dsquared replica

Dsquared is an Italian-Canadian fashion brand founded by two identical twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten. Brothers were born in an Italian family that immigrated in Toronto before their birth. This luxury fashion brand founded in 1994 gained its huge popularity among celebrities, rich people, and mere mortals due to its trend-setting styles and unforgettable runway shows.
Caten brothers design men’s and women’s apparel, men’s and women’s footwear, fragrances, and cosmetics. They always try to make their runway shows very catchy and enchanting. They often recruit celebrities for the participation in their runway shows. For example, a runway show in 2005 ended Christina Aguilera who was stripping male models of their clothes. In 2007 the Dsquared fashion show in Milan featured Rihanna entering the stage in an American muscle car, followed by a runway walk.

To the most honorable designers’ cooperation can be attributed the creation of the stage costumes for Madonna’s tour of 2000-2001, stage costumes for Britney Spears Circus tour and Tokio Hotel’s Welcome to Humanoid City tour. As well very honorable fact in the history of the label is that Dsquared dressed the headline talents of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.


The first flagship store of the label was opened in Milan in 2007. Nowadays Dsquared have many dedicated stores worldwide as well as official online store. However the apparel of this luxury brand is affordable not to everyone as the price, for example, of the cotton jackets starts from $ 1300.

However, if you are a fan of Dsquared style but do not dispose such sum of money, you can buy a high quality replica from online stores specializing in selling of replica clothing.

Philipp Plein a young fashion designer

Philipp Plein | April 19, 2011

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grey silk maxi gown

Philipp Plein is a young German fashion designer, making his statement in the today’s world of fashion industry. The interest in arts and fashion Plein has inherited from his parents. His youth was full of traveling, during which he visited a lot of museums and galleries, which made him absolutely sure that he want to dedicate his life to design.
First of his design experiences were designing pieces of furniture for his family and friends.

In 2004 Philipp Plein has shown his first fashion collection. It was considered a “heavy metal” collection because of the edgy silhouettes, and a lot of leather and studs used.
In in 2010 Philipp Plein said that a new face of his brand will be Mischa Barton, english-american model and actress. The choice is explained by Plein as the fact that the actress, being a beautiful woman, is used to attract much attention and can carry it with dignity.
The style of young designer’s collections is very brave and innovative. Even if the main focus of Plein’s work nowadays is fashion, he still designs furniture as it is one of his main passions.
Being very creative, Philipp Plein has already gained international recognition and honorable awards such as GQ Awards National Brand of the Year in 2007, the New Faces Award in the category Fashion 2008.

High heels passion

Accessories, Clothing, Shoes | April 8, 2011

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Tips hot to wear high heels comfortably and stylish

Now winter has passed and women start to wear heels heavily. Why do women love heels that much? They are uncomfy, unpractical, painful, however million of women worldwide wear heels. So what is the reason? The answer is simple: heels make a woman feel more feminine, fragile, and thus, they start to behave differently what makes man take care of them, or at least wish to take care of them.
Heels make woman’s legs look longer, her posture gets better, her hips are gently swaying when she is walking. These are the most attractive features of the heels from male point of view. However majority of men do not like platforms which are so trendy last seasons.
First of all If you want to look stylish and sexy, wearing heels you should follow some tips.

1. Heels should be comfy
First of all, heels should be really comfy. If you won’t feel yourself comfy while wearing heels, all of your pain will be reflected on your face, and no matter how trendy you are dressed, you will not get any other attention than pity. Never buy smaller or bigger shoes, they will never fit you well, you will always experience pain wearing them. Worth mentioning that tight shoes may also cause the appearance of fungus.

2. Try them, get used with them at home
In order to get comfy wearing heels, you should try wearing them at home. Do some easy work at home wearing your new heels. Wear them when you are talking by phone or applying makeup. Start from 15 minutes not to torture your legs too much.

3. Start to wear medium heels don’t go for stilettos at once
Stilettos are the most sexy heels, however if you are not used with heels, you better start wearing kitten heels at the beginning. Once again, you won’t look that great as you wish if you put on stilettos while you can not wear them properly.

4. Buy inserts
Gel inserts are always useful if you feel the pain in the ball of the foot. Relieving the pain, you will feel better, thus, look better!

5. Try arch support
If your feet arches are poorly supported, try to use arch support inserts, but be careful while inserting them, make sure they are not seen when you are walking.
6. Do not try to follow all the trends
It is proven that majority of men do not like platforms, so try to do not overwork the latest trends.

Try to follow these tips and enjoy wearing stylish and sexy heels!

What color suits you the best? (Tips to find out)

Clothing | March 24, 2011


what color suits you the best-tips to find out

If you are in a search of your own style, probably you are curious to know what color gamma suits you the best. Here are some tips how to choose the most appropriate colors.

1. Figure your to which color suits the best your skin tone: cold or warm
It can be easily done by a simple test: take two items – silver and gold one. Not necessary to take metallic items, you can take some plastic items of these colors, or ,for example, sheet of silver and gold paper. Near these items to your face when you are in front of a mirror. You will definitely see right away what color fits you the best.

2. Choose the color as a basis using this quick guide according to your skin tone :

  • Light skin – gray shades
  • Beige skin (more yellow) – blue shades
  • Golden skin – green shades
  • Bronze skin – orange or pink shades
  • Brown skin – red or pink shades

3. If you want to wear color that does not suits your skin type – combine it with the one that suits you the best

It is the best way to wear what you want and at the same time look good.

4. You can choose colors that do not suit your skin tone for the bottom clothing items

Choose “right” colors for the tops of your clothing, and then you can wear a “wrong” color bottom without any problems.


I hope these simple tips were useful for you and everyday you will look perfect.

Tips for shopaholics

Clothing | March 24, 2011


tips for shopaholics

Majority of girls are shopaholics. Even those who say that they are not, somewhere deep inside are. But what should you do as to avoid excessive money spending? Most of us feel wasted and regret after the purchase of the clothing which in a store seemed for us incredibly attractive and absolutely necessary.
Here are some tips that may help you to look stylish and at the same time spend much less money.

1. If clothing fits you perfectly, buy it right away!
This tip may seem inappropriate if you want to cease to be shopaholic. However, let’s consider it from another point of view: when you find the best clothing item, which fits your shape and make you look like a superstar, and refuse to buy it at once you spend few hours searching for something cheaper, and finally find your self at the first store with your dream item already sold. Do you think it’s great? I think not. Most of girls feel what is best for them. I mean really best, brilliant, perfect without any doubts. So if you’ve got that feeling, buy it immediately, don’t miss your chance!

2. If you have any doubts – do not buy!
This point is an addition to the first one: you should feel that the clothing is yours, if you have any even insignificant doubts, don’t buy it, you will regret later.

3. If you know that you will wear this clothing item only once- search something more versatile
For example, you have to buy a dress for some celebration. You do not have that much celebrations and ceremonies in your life, so why to buy something expensive? Do not choose some formal dresses, try to find a nice cocktail dress, you will be able to wear it more than once. The same is for other items you would wear only once.

4. Fashion is not a rule, your personal style is primary!
You worry when try to find something that you think is a “must have” of the season, and even disappointed if this style doesn’t fit your shape? You don’t need to! First of all you should love your body shape and do not try to lose weight as to look like a runway model. Secondly, you are not that rich as to afford a new bag or shoes every day. Of course you can buy cheaper replica, but you should always remember that it is not necessary to have all the trendy clothing items you see in fashion magazines.

5. If you can not choose from two similar items – choose the one which is more versatile
It is the best choice as when the trend will be already outdated, you will be able to combine it with different styles more successfully.

6. If you can’t wear high heels- do not buy them
If physiologically you can’t wear high heels and stilettos, do not buy it ever! You will not look beautiful wearing them and experiencing severe pain that will be seen on your face. Look for other models that will fit the style you want to wear the best.

7. First of all buy basics
We have already discussed basics for every season. You should understand that first of all you should acquire basics as any outfit needs basis. Classics are eternal and they will help you to maintain your style in any situation.

8. Choose accessories for clothes not clothes for accessories

When you see a stunning brooch do not hurry to buy it, first of all think with what you would wear it. It will be much harder to choose an outfit for the accessory.

9. If you already have an item that looks similar to the one you want to buy, do not buy it
Try to evaluate the situation with a cold mind: why do you need to spend money on the item which looks almost identical to the one you already have! Better spend money on something totally new for you.

I hope this tips will help you to make your shopping more useful and less money wasting!

Tips to choose your style

Clothing | March 18, 2011


how to choose your own style

If you are now facing a dilemma which style is actually yours, you have to answer yourself few questions. Follow the tips listed below to make a style choosing process a fascinating and successful.

  1. Whom would you like to see in the mirror? (e.g. seductive women, romantic girl, etc.)
  2. Once you figured out the answer on the first question, think if it will be appropriate for your current social status. For example, if you are teacher you rather need to be a seductive woman. However, you can choose this style for your free time, but then you need to acquire some basics, that we discussed in previous articles, as to look stylish and feminine in your business time.
  3. Choose your style icon. It can be either celebrity or the person you know personally. Outline some important details, such as colors, basic shapes, style of shoes (flats or heels).
  4. Define your body shape type as to understand which styles work best for your shape. Don’t worry if the style your badly want to pick assumes other body type, you always can find a compromise!
  5. If you already did what I advised you previously, make a list of these key points and go for shopping!
  6. It is not necessary that you will find something really worthy while making your first shopping for the new style. And you do not need necessarily to buy everything that fits your list. Try different models by different designers, keeping in your mind the main key points, do not buy the items you liked at once. The best way to pick something really worthy is to try many different models. Also, there can be a situation when you’ve already decided what you should buy, and you think it will suit your new style the best, but once you’ve tried it, you are not pleased with the result. Then you should think once again, maybe you evaluated your body type wrong, our maybe you simply forgot which options for your body type look similar to what you like but more winning. You should go shopping, or better to say “trying clothes”, several times, until you’ll find something really suitable. As this process may seem to you quite boring, try to find some site where you can try clothes on your prototype. However, this option seems not so reliable nowadays. Then you can go for shopping with relaxing music in your headphones, it will distract you from surrounding people, and help to concentrate on the selection of the best items to pick.

I hope that my tips were useful for you, and wish you to choose the best style fitting your shape and inner sense!


Main women’s passions

Accessories, Clothing | March 9, 2011


fashion commercials

Everyone knows the greatest women’s passions: handbags and shoes. Why almost every woman never gets enough handbags and shoes? Because of rapidly changing fashion trends? Maybe, but why then a woman dreams to wear everyday a new bag? I think it is because every women incredibly love to change her appearance everyday. I don’t find it something sinful. Sometimes life seems to be so boring when, for example, you work in a small office and don’t see the world most of the time, so the changes in your appearance make your life brighter and more interesting. Of course I do not mean something like changing your hair color from orange to blue in one week, but the best way to look different without spending too much money, of course, is accessorizing. I know that some designer accessories are very expensive and only about 5% of women can afford it. But as I said previously, there is an option- replica clothing, or middle segment brands that provide a wide range of similar accessories. Do not deprive yourself from changes! We live only once, just imagine how it would be, if you are only dreaming of designer bag which you can’t afford, and probably save money a year to buy it, and then, when you finally have the necessary money sum, you eventually find yourself in love with other bag, or even a number of different and quite expensive bags. I am actually for quality over quantity. But high quality replica can be really qualitative. Also there are some young designers who preserve quality standards to gain their place in high fashion, yet the prices of their designs are much cheaper. Don’t limit yourself. Enjoy your changes, and your life is going to change for the better too.

Moschino fashion brand

Moschino | March 9, 2011


moschino commercials

Moschino is an Italian fashion brand founded by the designer Franco Moschino in 1983.
At the beginning, the brand designed only casual clothing and jeans, eventually the brand was divided in several sub-brands. Nowadays, Moschino fashion house designs and manufactures womenswear, meanswear and accessories, as well as lingerie, eveningwear, shoes, and perfumes.
Moschino and his fashion house became popular because of his innovative, colorful, sometimes even freaky designs. Also the brand is so popular because of the designer’s criticisms of the fashion industry and for his social awareness campaigns in the early 1990s. Moschino designs were always innovative and unusual, for example, one of his collections included black denim miniskirt with plastic fried eggs decoration of the hemline. He also mocked high fashion brands in his collections, so in one of his collections he presented a jacket with “Channel No. 5” (the sport television channel which Chanel fashion brand sued) lettering.
After Moschino’s untimely death in 1994, his former assistant Rossella Jardini became the creative director of the fashion brand. With Jardini Moschino fashion house still maintains that unique and provocative style. Moschino with Rosella Jardini contributions include the design of the outfits for the opening ceremony of 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, design of Kylie Minogue’s 2005 Showgirl – The Greatest Hits Tour outfits, and outfits for Madonna’s 2008 Sticky & Sweet Tour.

Today Moschino fashion brand has the following sub-brands:

Moschino Couture!
Cheap and Chic by Moschino
Moschino Uomo
Moschino Jeans
Love Moschino

Tips to choose the best fitting coat

Clothing | March 9, 2011


Kate Moss in light pink Burberry trench coat

Choosing a well fitting, stylish and trendy coat that will be also appropriate for more than one season, is quite a difficult tack. Here you will find some tips how to make the process of coat search more pleasant and successful. I mean not only successful from that point of view, that you found something you really like, but when you find something that you like and it fits your body shape the best, making your advantages look even more great, and hide your little lacks.

First of all, check to what category of body shapes your shape belongs:

Small height and slim body shape
The best coat length for you is to-the-knee length. To create the illusion that you are taller you can try empire waists. Be careful with details, too massive details will make you look lower and will spoil the whole style. You should stay away from: long coats, double-breasted coats, any kinds of voluminous details and wide lapels.

black fur belted coatempire waist camel coat

Curvy body shape
Curvy shape is the most feminine body shape. To accentuate your advantages you should look for belted coats. To-the-knee length is the best length for any height. Narrow lapels, tapered to the waist will also work good for you. You should avoid: high necklines, and patch pockets.

white fur trimmed coats

Boyish body shape
This type of shape requires more feminine silhouettes. Princess-shaped silhouette coat can make your much more feminine. For this body shape bold details like large buttons or patch pockets work the best. However, you should avoid too big and exaggerated shoulders.

brown to-the-knee fur coat

Broad Shoulders
If you have big shoulders, pick coats that have unstructured jacket shape. As for the neckline, choose V-neck style. Try the mid-hip length or longer, and choose accessorized hemline. Patch pockets will also work well. Also, raglan sleeves and deep armholes may look good.
You should avoid stiff fabrics, breast pockets, trimming, epaulets, shoulder pads, and double-breasted style.

Narrow Shoulders
The best pick will be a pea coat for which double-breasted style is typical. Also other military style coats with reasonable padding are an option. Also you can try belted coats, as then the attention from your shoulders will be shifted to our waist.

eclectic blue womens pea coat

Small Bust
You should definitely try flattering details on the top. Classic trench-coat also is a good option. Search coat with statement details, such as ruffles, wide lapels, draping at shoulders. You should avoid: square or boxy silhouettes.

zebra print to-the-knee trench coat

Big Bust
As to make full bust look great you need single-breasted styles with deep V-necks, and narrow lapels. High armholes and natural shoulder shaped coats will make you look slimmer. You should avoid: wide sleeves (they will add volume to the area you want to hide), high necklines, and double-breasted coats.

single-breasted khaki trench coat

Protruding belly
If you have a sticking belly, you should choose a single-breasted style. There are also some other options such as straight-cut, tailored styles or a subtle A-line shape.
You should stay away from coats rich in details on the belly area. As for the the best length, midi-hip or longer both work good for your shape.

camel leather coat

And here are some general rules for the perfect coat pick:

1. The general rule of the coat length
The best length of a coat is the length slightly above or below the knee. The important rule is that the hemline of the skirt should not be seen. If you choose a short midi-hip coat, than your skirt will be seen, and it’s normal, but avoid such length when your usual length skirt will be seen fragmentary, only hemline, or even worst, some parts of hemline.

2. The collar
The collar should be either very big or very small. Something in the middle, usually looks not that great.

3. The pockets
It is very important that pockets to be situated on a right place, not too low or too high. High pockets will deform even the perfect shape of the coat. Too low placed pockets will make you look shorter. The optimal place for coat pockets is 10 cm below the waist line.

4. The length of sleeves
This is another very important indicator to see if the coat suits your shape and height.
The length of a sleeve should be to the middle of the palm when your hand is relaxed.

Worth noting, that these two last rules do not work for A-shape coat or the coat with ¾ sleeves.

Hugo Boss. The history.

Hugo Boss | March 7, 2011


Hugo Boss fashion brands commercials

Hugo Boss is a German fashion and lifestyle house founded in 1923 by the talented Austrian tailor and entrepreneur Hugo Boss. Today Hugo Boss production is mostly focused on hi-end menswear and womenswear.

Hugo Boss established his clothing business in 1923 in a small German town Metzingen. However, as the economic climate of the country was quite lamentable, soon Hugo Boss found himself on the verge of bankruptcy. The salvation of the company was the cooperation with ruling German Nazi Party. In 1931 Hugo Boss signed an agreement with his creditors who left him 6 sewing machines to start doing his business again. In the same year he joined German Nazi Party, what actually saved his business. Later he claimed that he became the member of the party only because it promised the end of unemployment and stabilization of the economic situation in the country. Since then the company became the main supplier of Nazi uniforms. With this successful, from financial point of view, cooperation the company revenues increased 100 times.
After a breakdown of Nazi regime Hugo Boss as an “activist” and a “supporter and beneficiary of National Socialism” was deprived of his voting rights and the capacity of running the business. He died in 1948 but his business survived.
In 1999 the Hugo Boss company agreed to contribute to the fund established to compensate slave laborers used by the Germans in World War II. However, the company paid only about 752 000 Euro.
Nowadays the company is owned by Valentino Fashion Group. And as the heads of the company claim, today’s Hugo Boss brand have nothing common with that producing Nazi uniforms except preservation of the typical German high quality of products.

At the moment, the fashion house has two core brands: BOSS and HUGO.

Boss brand includes the following sub-brands:

  • Boss Black. Menswear (since 1970), womenswear (since 2000). The line is characterized by modern classic style. It is the most widely distributed clothing line, also, it has the broadest product range.
  • Boss Orange. Menswear (since 1999), womenswear (since 2005). Initially this line was created as an eccentric style, with bohemian influences, clothing line. However, in 2010 it was relaunched as a denim casual wear.
  • Boss Selection. Menswear (since 2003). It is a higher priced clothing line focused at a more mature market. It makes an emphasis on English tailoring style.
  • Boss Green. Menswear (since 2003), womenswear (since 2010). Initially it was called Boss Sport. In 2010 the line was relaunched as a golf-style active wear collection.
  • Hugo brand consists of menswear launched in 1993 and womenswear launched in 1998. This line is focused on setting the trends rather than following them. It is more “European look” line, sometimes it includes some androgynous models.