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Tips to find a high quality replica handbag

Handbags | February 9, 2011


creamy-pink leather handbag

There are two main features that should provide a high quality replica: first of all, of course, is the appearance. If you are looking namely for a replica and not simply a cheaper analogue it is very important to learn all the details of the designer bag: its appearance, length of handles, color of zipper, color and fabric of lining, the shape of inner label, seams, etc. Remember, the more you learn about the original, the more qualitative replica you will be able to find! And the second, and very important point is the leather quality. Most of expensive designer handbags are made from genuine leather, some may be made from bonded leather. Most likely, you will buy bonded leather replica, because genuine leather is way too expensive. However, bonded leather is a good option! The bad one is a synthetic leather. Well, this variant is not that bad if buy a handbag that is openly synthetic, but if you want to buy a replica which should look like original leather handbag, you should avoid synthetics. And now the most interesting part: how to distinguish genuine leather from bonded? And what is more important, how to distinguish genuine/bonded leather from synthetic leather. Regarding genuine and bonded leather, they can be distinguished only by a professional (of course, if bonded leather is a high quality one!). But synthetic leather (fortunately) can be exposed.

There are many tips to check whether the leather is genuine, staring from smelling a bag and ending with a burning of leather. However, these tips are not useful for people buying accessories online. Well, you can try this but only when you have already made your order and received a bag. If you find out that it is made from synthetic, you can try to return it.

So, the burning: using your lighter burn the inner part of a bag (namely leather part, not fabric!). You can also try to burn a little spot on the be bottom of a bag. Hold this part over the fire few seconds. Genuine leather (or bonded, but only high quality one!) will be ok after this experiment. There can only appear a small dark stain, but it’s easily cleaned. If you burned a synthetic leather bag its cover will burn or melt.
Well, and now about the most normal and possible way to check the leather buying online: watch carefully the cuts (for example, somewhere nearly lining, seams, or handles). If the reverse side looks like a natural suede, then most likely it is leather. See the example below.

brown genuine leather example

What is bonded leather?
This material is also called reconstituted leather. It is made of varying degrees of genuine leather combined with other substances to give the item leather appearance at reduced cost. It is not “true” leather, but contains leather material unlike synthetic leather. Depending on jurisdiction, it may still be labeled as “Genuine Leather”.
Hope these tips were useful, and wish you a successful replica shopping!

Gucci Techno Horsebit Shoulder Bag

GUCCI, Handbags | February 4, 2011


What is your opinion about this tote? I mean your real attitude towards its design. What would you think if it wasn’t Gucci? I find its design a bit “overworked”.
The style pretends to be modern and even futuristic but what those brushes and braided handles are doing here then? Too many details for my taste. When we buy a brand accessory first of all we are paying incredible sums of money for the unique design and quality. I am sure in its quality, but weather the snazzy design isn’t a privilege of cheap brands? I mean from Gucci we expect elegance and quality but this style barely can be called elegant. It is rather eclectic.
Actually it’s my subjective opinion, but what do you think, what is better a crazy mess of details or laconic design?
I do like this bag but if I buy it I definitely get rid of those brushes.

New It bag by Gucci

GUCCI, Handbags | February 3, 2011

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Black leather Gucci 1973 tote

The main hit of this season is Gucci 1973 presented during the Fall-Winter 2010/11 fashion show. The bag is already beloved by celebrities. Angelina Jolie, Eva Mendes, Madonna, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, and others, were spotted with this bag lately.

Light blue suede Gucci 1973 tote

The name 1973 is related to the fact that the logotype used as a decoration for this new brand purses was found in the archives of Gucci fashion house dated 1973.

Madonna choses Gucci 1973 tote for traveling

The collection of Gucci 1973 was first presented during Fall-Winter 2010/11 Gucci fashion show. Just in a few months the bag gained the popularity among Hollywood celebs. This overwhelming success automatically gives this tote an It bag status.

Red suede Gucci 1973 handbag

Nude and brown colored Gucci  1973 purses from  ostrich leather

White leather Gucci 1973 purse

Gucci 1973 line includes suede, alligator, ostrich, and iguana leather purses. Collection comprises oversized totes, long-strap mini bags, and clutches. According to the choice of celebs, the most popular ones are oversized totes. They comprise many different things what is very comfy. It is also a big advantage for a young mama or a business lady.

Celebrities beach bags

GUCCI, Handbags | February 3, 2011


You plan a vacation but hadn’t decided yet what beach bag to take with you? Take a look at celebrities, maybe their style will inspire you for something original!
Actually the perfect option for the beach is a straw bag or woven hobo bag but famous fashionistas have a different opinion on this matter. Here you can see a photo review of celebrities beach style in December and January.

1. Top model Bar Refaeli walks down the beach with jeans Louis Vuitton bag from the Spring-Summer 2010 collection

Model Bar Rafaeli choses LV jeans shoulder bag with red strap for the beach

3. Supermodel Victoria Silvstedt takes to the beach either Gucci hobo bag or elegant classic Chanel purse (see the first image of the post)

Gucci hobo bag for the beach
4. Jessica Alba was spotted on the Cabo beach, Mexico, with shiny silver bag from Ralph Lauren collection

silver hobo bag by Ralph Lauren
5. Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley chose textile bag with colorful embroidery by Dannijo

textile bag with colorful embroidery by Dannijo

Hippe style shoulder bag by Dannijo
6. Worth noting a perfect choice of Chloë Sevigny. Actress was spotted on the beach with a leather “packet” from Proenza Schouler pre-fall collection 2010

Proenza Schouler pre-fall collection 2010
7. Paris Hilton is loyal to her image of glamorous blonde even on the beach. Her choice is Balmain crystal bag (fall-winter 2009-2010 collection). It looks even more smugly with shiny pareo.

Paris Hilton takes to the beach Balmain crystal bag from Fall-Winter 2009-2010 collection)

Louis Vuitton replica handbags

Handbags, Louis Vuitton | February 3, 2011


Louis Vuitton monogram white shoulder bag is a perfect addition any Summer outfit.

Louis Vuitton is the well-known French fashion house, producing luxury leather goods, ready-to-wear clothes, shoes, watches, jewelery, accessories, sunglasses, and other accessories. The history of the brand Louis Vuitton started in 1854 from the production of flat-bottom trunks with trianon canvas. This was the revolution in trunks production because previous trunks had rounded-tops to promote water run off, and thus, could not be stacked. As well, the old fashioned trunks were enormously heavy, which made traveling a difficult challenge.
First Louis Vuitton was producing only trunks and traveling bags. Since 1945 the fashion house started to widen its range. But actually, it is still mostly renowned for its high quality comfortable bags. The only lack of these fantastic products is the enormous price. Well, actually these are luxury products, so they can’t cost less.
Louis Vuitton brown monogram shoulder bag

Almost every modern women dreams about LV handbag but only few percents can afford it. What should other ladies do? There are two options: either save money a number of years, or simply buy a replica. Replica is almost equal to the original. Manufacturers of replica use the same design and materials. These high quality copies hardly can be distinguished from originals but their price is 3-4 times lower.

Louis Vuitton brown monogram speedy handbag

White shoulder bag Louis Vuitton
If you are dreaming of LV handbag but still can’t afford it, start to look for a high quality replica to implement your dream. Learn about the original handbag features, compare it with replica and order it. You have only to remember, that since HQ replica is made from genuine leather and high quality materials it can’t cost too cheap. Chose those replica that have a complete description and a number of images with outer and inner view of the bag. Pay attention to details, such as seams.

Gucci brand and replica

GUCCI, Handbags | February 2, 2011


Absolutely stunning romantic shoulder bag by Gucci was shown in the Spring-Summer 2011 collection.

Probably Gucci is one of the most renown Italian fashion brands. The House of Gucci (now mostly known simply as Gucci) was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921 in Florence. Nowadays the brand products are the best sellers in fashion industry. The most popular production lines of the brand are accessory and shoes. Gucci bags form the new collections always gain a huge number of admirers among Hollywood celebrities. Thanks to Hollywood It girls, such as Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, Olsen sisters, and others, Gucci handbags from almost every collection become It bags of the season.

For traveling Angelina Jolie choses a capacious black Gucci tote bag

Pregnant Penelope Cruz has a big luggage, so she has chosen Gucci 1973 tote bag.

Some of the main Gucci handbag icons are: Gucci Sukey Hobo Handbag, Gucci Vintage Web Bag. And from the recent collections: Gucci 1973 (Fall-Winter 2010/11), Gucci Handmade top handle bag (Spring-Summer 2011).

Gucci 1973 totes of different colors and matterials are perfect for any outfit.

Gucci Grip handbag combines the hottest trends: braided leather and vintage looking accessories.

Their unique design and highest quality leather provide a lady with a confidence and chic feeling. However, not anyone can afford this pleasure. Because of their uniqueness and widely advertised brand name, Gucci bags cost over $ 1000.
However, there is a way out for budget fashionistas. Nowadays there are a number of qualitative replica of the most popular fashion products on the world market. Replica isn’t a fake. According to, replica is a copy that is relatively indistinguishable from the original. If you can not afford the original brand, or simply find it a money waste to buy a brand bag for over $ 1000, you have a possibility to purchase almost identical product at a significantly lower price. In nearly 90% replica can’t be distinguished from the original, so you are protected from the unpleasant situations when somebody can say that you wear a fake. Normally, every women wants to wear the new trends and look stylish, do not be afraid of purchasing replica, but be careful while choosing it! Learn more about the authentic brand product and compare it with replica features. This is the only way to protect yourself from fakes. If you are in love with Gucci bag but can not afford it, go on and search for qualitative replica to implement your dream!

Replica handbags

Handbags | February 2, 2011


Perfectly made HQ replica handbags are almost equal to the originals.

Brand handbags are one of the main attribute of the fashionistas of all the time. However, their prices always are unaffordable for majority of women. Today’s fashionistas have much more benefits in comparison with past years. Now a new option is available: if you can’t afford a designer bag, but want it badly, you do not need to wait until sales time to get it! You can buy a high quality replica at an affordable price. This option is really worthy taking into consideration that designer handbag won’t cost significantly less even during sales. It worth noting that replica is not a fake. It is almost identical to the original. Today’s HQ replica are made from genuine leather and top materials. Replica manufacturers use the latest designs so you can easily find replica of the bag from the latest collections. The main benefits of replica are their lower price and quality almost equal to the original (they are almost indistinguishable from the original!).
So why to pay more?

Top 10 Spring-Summer 2011 handbags

GUCCI, Handbags | February 1, 2011


We offer you the list of 10 best bags of new Spring-Summer 2011 season.
1. The rating of the most desirable bags of the new season is opened with retro-style clutch by Bottega Veneta. The uniqueness of the bag is emphasized by the exotic material from which the clutch is made – alligator leather.

Retro style alligator leather clutch by Bottega Veneta. Elegant classic purse for Summer season

Bottega Veneta alligator leather brown clutch purse

2. An updated version of Lady Dior is made from environmentally friendly material – jute with traditional ornament.

Lady Dior purse from Spring-Summer 2011 collection, made from eco friendly material.

3. Gucci grip handbag illustrates one of the most popular trends of the season – braided details. Lately braided details has become very popular among designers using this trend in their latest collections.

Gucci handbag from Spring-Summer 2011 collection . The new It bag from Gucci: brown grip handbag with braided leather details. Prerfect for elegant Summer look.
4. Another braided item: colorful Fendi clutch decorated with a mosaic pattern of thin leather strips.

Colorful braided leather Fendi Summer clutch purse. Perfect for vacation and romantic dates.
5. Celine clutch claims to be the most elegant handbag of the season. Its design is simple yet chic.

Elegant classic red clutch purse by Сeline is an irreplaceable accessory in every modern girl wardrobe: simple yet chic and absolutely classic.
6. Classic purse by Roger Vivier Miss Viv was inspired by Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s style. In this season it is made in milk-coffee shades. It worth noting that originally the bag was called Carla (after Carla Bruni-Sarkozy) but last years it has been renamed Miss Viv.

Roger Vivier Carla purse was named after Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.  But last year it has been renamed Miss Viv. This Summer it will be made in milk-coffee shades.
7. The purse from new Chanel Mademoiselle collection is made from jersey and looks like vintage accessory from Chanel archives dated 1930.
Chanel Mademoiselle collection is made for confident and stylish young ladies who know what they really want. This blue vintage looking purse bag will attract the attention at every party. 8. Mini-purses are the hit of Spring-Summer 2011 season. Mini-purse Louis Vuitton is made in bright turquoise color. Pay attention to the lock: metal furniture is an imitation of watches bracelets.

Turquoise mini-bag by Louis Vuitton is a perfect addition to the romantic Summer look. Its unique metallic accessory made in a form of watches bracelet makes this purse chic and perfect for any party.

9. Silvana purse from Fendi is a new IT bag. The bag is made from certain leather types which contrasting combination adds a special chic to the laconic bag shape.
Silvana handbag by Fendi is made of contrast color leather, making it look eclectic. The handbag has green, nude and blue colors, so you can combine it with any outfit. 10. In the youth Miu Miu line mini-bags with the original strap are presented.

Miu Miu unique strap design clutch purses will make any outfit extremely chic.

Miu Miu Spring-Summer 2011 youth collection. Original design of bag handles won't leave anybody indifferent.