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Top 5 party clutches of upcoming spring

ARMANI, Chloe, Givenchy, Handbags | February 18, 2011


All of fashionistas love partying. It’s normal that they should have a million of clutch purses to combine them with different cocktail and formal dresses. Here is the list of most interesting clutch purses of the following season. The choice is yours ladies!

1. Bulgari created this for season a perfect shiny party clutch purse for those ladies who like to be in the spotlight.
clutch purse embroidered with crystals
2. Another shinny purse was presented during spring-summer 2011 collection by Chloe. Their version of party handbag is a small purse bag with a million of golden beads and a laconic leather lock.
golden clutch handbag 3. Giambattista Valli made a clutch purse reminding opened treasure chest full of ancient coins.

eclectic design clutch purse
4. Givenchy clutch has a simple yet chic shape and python-like leather, making it look too posh.

python leather clutch
5. Giorgio Armani combines the classic shape and classic black color with the one of most popular trends of the coming spring- braided texture.

black classic clutch

Eco-friendly Hermes Kelly bag

Handbags | February 15, 2011


wicker Kelly handbag by Hermes

This spring-summer season in fashion collections is memorable because of plenty of classic handbags new interpretations. I’ve already mentioned new eco-friendly design of Lady Dior and new brigh color Chanel Mademoiselle. Now I am going to talk about the new version one of the most elegant and wanted handbags of 20th century. This is a legendary Kelly handbag by Hermes. New wicker Kelly handbag was created by the renown fashion designer Jan Paul Gaultier. The handbag is created from a calfskin and covered with wicker. The name of this new super-expensive exclusive bag is “Picnic Kelly”. Even though the handbag looks like a picnic bag it has a significant lack: it is very heavy due to the natural wicker. However, this bag is a perfect example of eco-friendly trends which are so popular this spring-summer season. This trend definitely worth to be noted.

brown wicker Hermes Kelly bag 2011eco-friendly Hermes Kelly
Another special version of the classic Birkin handbag is its smaller version attached to the hand bracelet. Actually, the entire collection has a special accent on the basics of Hermes fashion house- Kelly and Birkin bags. You can see this from the following images from spring-summer 2011 Hermes runway show.

small black Hermes Birkin handbag

hermes birkin clothing

hermes birkin brown belt

Top 10 colorful handbags of spring-summer 2011 season

D&G, Handbags | February 15, 2011


pink+orange+purple Dior patented leather top handle bag

Warm season is the best time for bright, vibrant colors. Namely for spring-summer collections the joy of colors is very typical. Here are presented top 10 most colorful handbags of spring-summer 2011 season.
10. Small Mulberry shoulder bag of bright pink color. Its design reminds Barbie style, so maybe it will be beloved mostly by blonde ladies.

pink ostrich leather shoulder bag Mulberry

9. Retro style Burak Uyan handbag made from bright yellow leather reminds hot summer sun. Yellow shades can be in or out the current fashion trends, but for summer this color is just classic, so it will never be out of the summer fashion.

retro style yellow leather shoulder bag

8. In the design of party shoulder bag by VBH the main roles are played by a juicy raspberry color and the material- crocodile leather, perfectly accompanying each other.

raspberry crocodile leather shoulder bag by VBH

7. Clutch purse by Roger Vivier is interesting not only because of its bright colors but also due to the materials used: the bag is decorated with the plastic springs of different shades.

colorful summer clutch purse by Roger Vivier

6. In a youth D&G line are presented handbags with bright floral prints.

floral print summer handbag

5. Another bright bag made from exotic leather is presented in Kara Ross spring-summer collection 2011. Laconic design of the bag have become a perfect background for the fancy color prints.

colorful summer tote bag

4. Paper handbag from the new Balenciaga collection is made from a textured ostrich leather dyed in vibrant green color.

summer green tote bag from ostrich leather

3. In the new Christian Louboutin collection is presented a saturated blue long fringe shoulder bag.long fringe blue shoulder bag

2. New Chanel Mademoiselle purse is made from cherry red patent leather what makes this bag extremely seductive.
patented leather cherry red chanel purse

1. New version of Lady Dior comprises many colors at once. In its design you can notice orange, purple, raspberry colors, making this top handle bag very positive and appropriate for sunny summer season.
pink+orange+purple Dior patented leather top handle bag

Dolce & Gabbana Macrame Buffalo handbags

D&G, Handbags | February 15, 2011


white Dolce & Gabbana Macrame Buffalo Top Handle bag

These Dolce & Gabbana handbags will definitely attract the attention of brave ladies who are not afraid of showing what they carry in their bags.

Dolce & Gabbana are well-known for their courageous designs that rarely can be considered elegant and classic. These Macrame Buffalo top handle bags from Spring-Summer 2011 collection aren’t the exception.
In Dolce & Gabbana collections often can be meet handmade elements, however, these bags seems too be even more unique. Macrame Buffalo bags have a classic elegant shape, typical for Dolce & Gabbana colors – white and leopard prints, however, they have a very unique and ambitious detail: the lace and clear vinyl insert. This details makes a sense of “window” in your bag through which all the people around you can learn what you are carrying in your fancy bag. Well, it seems not so convenient and useful though. But maybe for a party, when you will carefully choose what actually to put for public display (maybe a designer wallet or the latest Vogue magazine edition?), as to complement your style, this extravagant bag will be ok.

white dolce& gabbana macrame bag, spring 2011 collection

leopard print marcrame handbag leopard printed Dolce&Gabbana top handle bag

Victoria Beckham handbags fall-winter 2011/2012

Handbags | February 15, 2011


beige suede oversized hobo bag by Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham had expanded her handbags line with a number of new styles. New handbags collection was shown during fall-winter 2011/2012 runway show held during New York fashion week.

The classic elegant Victoria Beckham handbag “Victoria” this season is made from smooth leather of black and red colors.

Black smooth leather "victoria" hanadbag by Victoria Beckham

Red elegant "Victoria" handbag by Victoria Beckham

In new season Victoria Beckham significantly increased the volume of her bags. During fall-winter 2011-2012 runway show there were presented oversized hobo bags made from soft suede and cashmere. Victoria Beckham says that every modern woman needs the oversized handbags which can hold all the necessary things.

textured oversized hobo bag by Victoria Beckham

black suede hobo bag Victoria Beckham collection

Designers hobo bags have very long stripes, so they can be worn over-the-shoulder. It seems to be very convenient since then the bag plays a role of backpack.
It worth noting, that designer also paid attention to the textures: all the bags are created in unique textures and styles.

grey fabric tote bag by Victoria Beckham

Beige fabric+black leather tote bag by Victoria Beckham

Another usable accessory from the collection is maxi clutch purse in which can easily fit iPad, eBook, or a small size magazine.

Yellow oversized clutch purse by Victoria Beckham

Top 5 classic handbags

Handbags | February 10, 2011


Different handbags are the passion of almost every woman. Women dream about having a full wardrobe of designer handbags. Some of designer bags even have become the icons for fashionistas. Here is the list of most popular handbags, it bags, or simply icons that should have any modern woman. Of course, their prices are way too expensive for mere mortals, but fortunately, nowadays you can find something similar in collections of different cheaper segment brands, or a high quality replica.

1. Chanel 2.55
This unique and extremely feminine purse was created in 1955. In order to highlight a particular shape and uniqueness of the bag, mademoiselle Coco designed the diamond-like pattern. This shoulder handbag since then hadn’t lose its positions.

Chanel bag 2.55 black
2. Hermes Birkin Bag
The bag’s name stands for the name of English actress and singer Jane Birkin, who inspired Hermes CEO on the creation of this bag. The story tells that Birkin loved Hermes Kelly bag but found its lock inconvenient to use and told about it to Hermes CEO while they casually met in an airplane.

Red Birkin
3. Hermes Kelly Bag
Especially designed for Monaco princess Grace (Grace Kelly). Hermes Kelly is a priceless treasure of Hermes. Even very rich people have to wait a long time to buy one due to the delicate work. All of Hermes Kelly bags are handmade from a genuine leather of a top quality.

Hermes Kelly crocodile leather bag
4. Dior Lady Dior
This classic handbag pretends to be dedicated to Lady Diana. First it was created in leather but now you can find Lady Dior from different fabrics and of different patterns.

Lady Dior red leather handbag
5. LV Monogram Speedy
Monogram Speedy designed by Takashi Murakami is the most popular Louis Vuitton handbag among celebrities. Story tells that it was designed specially for Audrey Hepburn for Roman Holiday movie.

Louis Vuitton monogram speedy

Tips to find a high quality replica handbag

Handbags | February 9, 2011


creamy-pink leather handbag

There are two main features that should provide a high quality replica: first of all, of course, is the appearance. If you are looking namely for a replica and not simply a cheaper analogue it is very important to learn all the details of the designer bag: its appearance, length of handles, color of zipper, color and fabric of lining, the shape of inner label, seams, etc. Remember, the more you learn about the original, the more qualitative replica you will be able to find! And the second, and very important point is the leather quality. Most of expensive designer handbags are made from genuine leather, some may be made from bonded leather. Most likely, you will buy bonded leather replica, because genuine leather is way too expensive. However, bonded leather is a good option! The bad one is a synthetic leather. Well, this variant is not that bad if buy a handbag that is openly synthetic, but if you want to buy a replica which should look like original leather handbag, you should avoid synthetics. And now the most interesting part: how to distinguish genuine leather from bonded? And what is more important, how to distinguish genuine/bonded leather from synthetic leather. Regarding genuine and bonded leather, they can be distinguished only by a professional (of course, if bonded leather is a high quality one!). But synthetic leather (fortunately) can be exposed.

There are many tips to check whether the leather is genuine, staring from smelling a bag and ending with a burning of leather. However, these tips are not useful for people buying accessories online. Well, you can try this but only when you have already made your order and received a bag. If you find out that it is made from synthetic, you can try to return it.

So, the burning: using your lighter burn the inner part of a bag (namely leather part, not fabric!). You can also try to burn a little spot on the be bottom of a bag. Hold this part over the fire few seconds. Genuine leather (or bonded, but only high quality one!) will be ok after this experiment. There can only appear a small dark stain, but it’s easily cleaned. If you burned a synthetic leather bag its cover will burn or melt.
Well, and now about the most normal and possible way to check the leather buying online: watch carefully the cuts (for example, somewhere nearly lining, seams, or handles). If the reverse side looks like a natural suede, then most likely it is leather. See the example below.

brown genuine leather example

What is bonded leather?
This material is also called reconstituted leather. It is made of varying degrees of genuine leather combined with other substances to give the item leather appearance at reduced cost. It is not “true” leather, but contains leather material unlike synthetic leather. Depending on jurisdiction, it may still be labeled as “Genuine Leather”.
Hope these tips were useful, and wish you a successful replica shopping!

Gucci Techno Horsebit Shoulder Bag

GUCCI, Handbags | February 4, 2011


What is your opinion about this tote? I mean your real attitude towards its design. What would you think if it wasn’t Gucci? I find its design a bit “overworked”.
The style pretends to be modern and even futuristic but what those brushes and braided handles are doing here then? Too many details for my taste. When we buy a brand accessory first of all we are paying incredible sums of money for the unique design and quality. I am sure in its quality, but weather the snazzy design isn’t a privilege of cheap brands? I mean from Gucci we expect elegance and quality but this style barely can be called elegant. It is rather eclectic.
Actually it’s my subjective opinion, but what do you think, what is better a crazy mess of details or laconic design?
I do like this bag but if I buy it I definitely get rid of those brushes.

New It bag by Gucci

GUCCI, Handbags | February 3, 2011

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Black leather Gucci 1973 tote

The main hit of this season is Gucci 1973 presented during the Fall-Winter 2010/11 fashion show. The bag is already beloved by celebrities. Angelina Jolie, Eva Mendes, Madonna, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, and others, were spotted with this bag lately.

Light blue suede Gucci 1973 tote

The name 1973 is related to the fact that the logotype used as a decoration for this new brand purses was found in the archives of Gucci fashion house dated 1973.

Madonna choses Gucci 1973 tote for traveling

The collection of Gucci 1973 was first presented during Fall-Winter 2010/11 Gucci fashion show. Just in a few months the bag gained the popularity among Hollywood celebs. This overwhelming success automatically gives this tote an It bag status.

Red suede Gucci 1973 handbag

Nude and brown colored Gucci  1973 purses from  ostrich leather

White leather Gucci 1973 purse

Gucci 1973 line includes suede, alligator, ostrich, and iguana leather purses. Collection comprises oversized totes, long-strap mini bags, and clutches. According to the choice of celebs, the most popular ones are oversized totes. They comprise many different things what is very comfy. It is also a big advantage for a young mama or a business lady.

Celebrities beach bags

GUCCI, Handbags | February 3, 2011


You plan a vacation but hadn’t decided yet what beach bag to take with you? Take a look at celebrities, maybe their style will inspire you for something original!
Actually the perfect option for the beach is a straw bag or woven hobo bag but famous fashionistas have a different opinion on this matter. Here you can see a photo review of celebrities beach style in December and January.

1. Top model Bar Refaeli walks down the beach with jeans Louis Vuitton bag from the Spring-Summer 2010 collection

Model Bar Rafaeli choses LV jeans shoulder bag with red strap for the beach

3. Supermodel Victoria Silvstedt takes to the beach either Gucci hobo bag or elegant classic Chanel purse (see the first image of the post)

Gucci hobo bag for the beach
4. Jessica Alba was spotted on the Cabo beach, Mexico, with shiny silver bag from Ralph Lauren collection

silver hobo bag by Ralph Lauren
5. Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley chose textile bag with colorful embroidery by Dannijo

textile bag with colorful embroidery by Dannijo

Hippe style shoulder bag by Dannijo
6. Worth noting a perfect choice of Chloë Sevigny. Actress was spotted on the beach with a leather “packet” from Proenza Schouler pre-fall collection 2010

Proenza Schouler pre-fall collection 2010
7. Paris Hilton is loyal to her image of glamorous blonde even on the beach. Her choice is Balmain crystal bag (fall-winter 2009-2010 collection). It looks even more smugly with shiny pareo.

Paris Hilton takes to the beach Balmain crystal bag from Fall-Winter 2009-2010 collection)