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Stylish iPad and iPhone accessories

accessories for Apple, accessories for iPad, accessories for iPhone | February 23, 2011


iPad gelaskins

All of us know that any device needs a case. Especially I think it concerns iPads and iPhones because of their touch screens. The screen of iPad or iPhone is a major component of these innovative devices which surely should be very well protected. On the market there are millions of iPad purses, handbags, cases, and so on. But how to find the most appropriate one? You can choose, for example, original Apple case. It seems that the case made by the same company as iPad is the most appropriate because the designers were first who took the device in their hands and have a benefit – advices on how iPad should be carried safely from the engineers of the company. However, if you are a lady you rather will love to carry such case (or maybe not, it depends on personal taste). Most of women planing to purchase a case for iPhone or iPad think not only about the useful features provided, but also about the design. I mean, if for example you are wearing Prada handbag apparently you would like to have some designer purse and for your iPad (I think this also concerns other iPad accessories). Thanks God, designers are also businessmen who feel the new profitable trends. Once iPhone and iPad became available, most of fashion houses launched their special lines of cases for these devices.
About the most trendy and stylish iPad, iPhone and smartphone cases we already had an article. However, here are some more remarkable picks.

Case-Mate iPad traveler case
, $49.99

Very useful and convenient case for businessmen or women. It seems not very edgy but look how many useful accessories it has inside!

vintage looking iPad caseVintage style DODOcase (Red $59.95, Others $64.95)

One of the bestsellers among iPad cases is the DODOcase. Today everything vintage-looking is very popular, amusingly, it regards also a very innovative devices. These hand crafted cases are made in compliance with the philosophy of the company owners that is “manufacture things locally and help keep the art of book binding alive and well by adapting it to a world of e-readers and iPads”.

iPad Dodocase wit pink inner part

But what if you think that a stylish case is not enough fir your iPad? There are some stylish accessories that you might also like:

Twelve South iPad BookArc reading stand, $39.99.

This may be a great assistant for those who travel a lot but have to work a lot too. If you have to write massive essays or reports, apparently, it is more convenient to type them using a keyboard and such an arc can help you to establish your iPad as a pc screen. Another good idea is, for example, when you want to watch a movie at home or in a hotel room on your iPad, this arc seems to be irreplaceable, and due to its light weight and stylish design it will be a true pleasure to take it with you everywhere.

white plastic book-arc reading stend for iPad

BoxWave Capacitive stylus, $18.95

If you are not satisfied by standard stylus, you might like these ones: made in a form of stylish and elegant pen they make your work with iPad extremely stylish and comfortable.

classic pen stylus for iPad

A new way to customize and protect your iPad or iPhone is to cover it with gelaskins that protect front and back sides of your device. It is easily applied and removed. This scratch protection is very thin (less than 1 mm), however properly protects your device from the piercing and scarring stuff from your handbag. These incredible beautiful paintings by Camilla d’Errico that also protect your iPad will make every day of your life a bit brighter.
These gelaskins are available both for iPad and iPhone.

designer gelaskins for iPhone and iPad

The most stylish iPad clutch purses

accessories for iPad, accessories for iPhone, D&G, GUCCI | February 3, 2011


D&G chic black smarthphone case

Fashion designers are always up to date, they always know what their customers need. With the creation of iPad and other similar devices the collections of fashion designers were supplemented by special cases and clutches for the gadgets. Here for your attention are presented the most unique accessories for iPad and smartphones.
Modern lady hardly can be imagined without iPad and smartphone. Now cases for cell phones and players are not only a protection cover but yet a stylish accessory chosen in color of purse or outfit.

Nowadays fashion brands produce separate collections of accessories for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry. One of the latest collections is Marni clutches. The collection includes cases of different sizes for smarthpnones and Tablet PCs. The clutches are made from patent leather with contrast polka dot print. The price of one clutch doesn’t exceed $ 450.

Marni polka dot cases for iPad and smarthphones

Last season fashion house Oscar de la Renta launched a collection of iPad clutch purses. In new brand collection there are chic clutch purses with python texture of different bright colors.

Oscar de la Renta python leather cases for iPad

This season Gucci collection includes iPad clutch purses made in a classic style of the fashion house. Clutches are decorated by Gucci embossed monogram.

Gucci black iPad cases

Gucci nude color iPad case

And finally, chic iPhone cases by Dolce&Gabbana. These clutches are decorated with chains, crystals and many other girly accessories.

D&G black sequin smarthpone case

So the choice is yours.