A.M.N.MADNESS NATION | February 17, 2011


black leather jacket and cigarette tailored pants

A.M.N.MADNESS NATIONAL is a fashion brand founded by the Turkish company Eren Tekstil. Eren Tekstil is renown worldwide for its hi-end knitwear made using the latest technologies and national traditions of textile production. The brand provides a great possibility to look stylish and wear qualitative womenswear and menswear at a reasonable price. The brand is well accepted by the European and USA customers. Because of its quality and compliance with current fashion trends.
The distinctive feature of the brand is that the company owing the brand controls the whole production cycle of their clothing. It allows to decrease the time spend on the preparation of collections and show newest collections earlier than their competitors.
The brand is popular because of its ability to combine casualty and flashy details.
The classics of casual style are successfully combined with Swarovski crystals, bright embroidery, originally designed pockets and other unique details. Accessories of the brand have the same features as the main clothing line, that’s why they can add a uniqueness and trendy look to any classic outfit.

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