10 must-haves of spring 2011

Trends | February 22, 2011


popping colors summer pants suit

As we already reviewed spring-summer 2011 main clothing and shoe trends, as well as jewels, here I decided to present top 10 must-haves of this season. It is something like a little note for fashionistas going for shopping. Of course, to comprise all must-haves of spring-summer 2011 season just in 10 items is impossible, however, here are the main points you should remember while enlarging your wardrobe this spring.
1. Different (and even weird!) prints are one of the main trends of new warm season. Don’t be afraid to look weird wearing for example banana-print dress (as Prada proposes), or trousers with someone’s quotes, this season you are allowed to use it.

quirky print dress spring 2011

2. Platform wedges
These wedges are much more comfortable than high heel wedges that were trendy in previous season. Their absolute advantage is the ability to make you taller and your legs longer not causing inconveniences like heels or high wedges.

platform wedges 2011

3. Vintage looking bright color eco-friendly handbag (for example braided or made from fabric)
As we already discussed, eco-friendly materials and designs are a very hot trend of this season. They were meet in all collections, so try to find something appropriate and eco-friendly at the same time.

eco-friendly Dior handbag

4. Floral prints or inserts on sandals
Namely shoes in this season have a privilege to be floral printed. Some models even have textured flowers or sculptural inserts.

red floral wedge sandals

5. An envelope bag (better if you choose an oversized envelope bag)
This handbag is very useful if you have iPad or some other similar devices. It is not a huge tote but an elegant type of clutch purse, which can be used daily.

envelope dark red clutch bag

6. Colorful outfit
Don’t be afraid to combine different popping colors, this season you are allowed! Who knows, when we will have the possibility to wear such bright colors again?

citrus color jacket

7. Tailored pants
Forget about tight jeans (at least for the season), let your legs enjoy breathing through light fabrics!

wide leg light safari pants

8. Layered and mixed textures jewels
The more jewelry you wear in this season- the more trendy you look. Combine different textures and styles, as to look chic.

bright feather necklace

9. All white outfit
There were a lot of them in this season designer collections, try to make something similar from already owned clothes and new arrivals.

white sheer cocktail dress

10. Braided details
Choose belt, sandals, handbag or hat, jewelry, whatever, just something braided, this trend is extremely popular!

braided Kelly Hermes

dark brown vintage looking handbag with braided details

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